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Park City, New York


7. Planet Earth narrator David Attenborough has nothing on Isabella Rossellini, who simulates bug sex in Green Porno, a series of shorts.

8. In NYU alum Andrew Fleming’s Hamlet 2, Steve Coogan plays a local high-school teacher determined to stage an unlikely sequel—as a musical.

9. Best Actress is the best revenge: In Incendiary, Heath Ledger’s ex, Michelle Williams, plays an adulterous woman whose husband is killed in a suicide bombing.

10. Cult heroes square off in Patti Smith: Dream of Life and Alex Gibney’s Gonzo: The Life and Times of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.

11. Little Miss Juno and the Whale? In The Wackness, Josh Peck plays a New York screwup who pays his shrink (Ben Kingsley) with weed.

12. Paparazzi alert: Matthew Broderick is a loony newsman in Terry Kinney’s Diminished Capacity; Sarah Jessica Parker is romanced by her obnoxious old professor (Dennis Quaid) in Noam Murro’s Smart People.

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