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High Tension (Haute tension)
  Release Date: 06/10/05

Starring: Cecile De France, Maiwenn Le Besco, Philippe Nahon, Frank Khalfoun, Andrei Finti

Director: Alexandre Aja

Rating: (R)
  Drama, Horror
  Running Time
  85 min
  Lions Gate Films
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A marvelously trashy French serial-killer thriller, featuring cool cars, a slick soundtrack, and the dangerously sexy actress Cécile de France. Alexandre Aja directs.

Two worlds collide disastrously -- a rusted delivery van barrels through cornfields; meanwhile, Alex has brought her friend Marie to spend the weekend at her parents' country farmhouse to escape the hectic pace of Paris. Behind the van's wheel, the driver caresses ripped photos of young women; at the same time the girls get ready for bed dishing girly gossip. At the end of the road lies an isolated house, caught in the van's headlights; as the girls close their eyes, an intruder is about to turn their innocent dreams into a relentless and bloody nightmare.