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  Release Date: 05/25/07

Starring: Konkona Sen Sharma, Yashpal Sharma, Brinda Karat, Ankur Khanna, Chaiti Ghosh

Director: Shonali Bose

Rating: (NR)
  Running Time
  102 min
  Emerging Pictures
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Even if the filmmakers' struggle to make this movie and its smash reception in India and Canada weren't so impressive, Indian writer-director Shonali Bose's labor of love would be easy to recommend on its own merits. Based on the 1984 riots in Delhi following the assassination of Indira Gandhi that led to the government-sanctioned slaughtering of thousands of Sikhs, Bose's film dramatizes the story by filtering it through the eyes of a perky Indian-American girl from L.A. (Konkona Sen Sharma) who travels across the world to find answers about her birth parents. Subtly acted, heart-wrenching, and informative, it's made more powerful by the fact that the Indian government tried very hard to suppress the story.

Kaju, a 21-year-old Indian American woman, returns to India to visit her family, only to stumble upon secrets and lies from her past. A horrifying genocide that took place 20 years ago turns out to hold the key to her mysterious origins.