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Mr. Brooks
  Release Date: 06/01/07

Starring: Kevin Costner, Demi Moore, Dane Cook, William Hurt, Marg Helgenberger

Director: Bruce A. Evans

Rating: (R)
  Drama, Suspense/Thriller
  Running Time
  120 min
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It's not a surprise that Kevin Costner is so terrific as a pillar of the community (Portland, Oregon) who also happens to be a prolific serial killer, in Mr. Brooks. That glassy demeanor, that overdeliberate diction, that near-visible cone of solipsism: He seemed demented in his breakthrough role, in The Untouchables. He doesn't caricature this psycho—given his peculiar persona, he doesn't need to. Costner plays it straight and William Hurt—as, I'm not kidding, the devil that hisses in his ear that it's time to kill again—provides a welcome shot of camp. If the movie were just these two, bopping around arguing and offing people, it would have been better than the unholy mess it turns into. Demi Moore (she's back!) plays the agent on Mr. Brooks's trail—and she's being stalked by her own serial killer! I liked Moore better in the days when she had some baby fat and played cuddly neurotics. Now her cheeks are sunken and her acting is joyless. Everyone except Moore is a serial killer or a serial killer wannabe, including Brooks's beautiful daughter. (The film says it's a genetic trait.) Dane Cook plays a guy who catches Mr. Brooks in the act and decides he wants to kill people, too. He's pretty convincing. If our movies are any guide, we're a nation of latent serial killers. —Reviewed by David Edelstein, New York Magazine