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Blood and Tears: The Arab-Israeli Conflict
  Release Date: 06/15/07


Director: Isidore Rosmarin

Rating: (PG-13)
  Running Time
  73 min
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Producer and director Isidore Rosmarin's ambitious documentary seeks to provide an overview of the ongoing Arab-Israeli strife in the Middle East. She succeeds, for the most part: Interviews with everyone from Hamas leaders to former Israeli prime ministers to Palestinian scholar Rashid Khalidi provide a balanced, impressively objective picture of the complicated situation. Unfortunately, the hokey, dated soundtrack and cheesy rolling interludes of text make the whole thing feel too amateurish for consumption anywhere other than seventh-grade history classrooms.

Like an open wound that will not heal the Arab-Israeli conflict refuses to be resolved. Acclaimed documentary producer and director, Isidore Rosmarin, and co-producer, Jeff Helmreich, have made "Blood and Tears"--the definitive film on this seemingly irresolvable conflict. Rosmarin uncovers the truth beneath the hype and the headlines. Rosmarin and his team of Middle East experts have gone right to the source: the ministers and mullahs, the fanatics and peaceniks, the soldiers and terrorists, and the ordinary families battling extraordinary forces as they try to live a normal life. They have interviewed top officials from both sides, from former Israeli Prime Ministers to senior Palestinian officials to the leaders of the militant extremist group Hamas, Sheikh Bitawi and the late Dr. Abdel aziz Rantisi. They have also interviewed renowned Mideast scholars Bernard Lewis & Fouad Ajami and the foremost Palestinian scholar, Rashid Khalidi. "Blood and Tears" explores the origin of the confrontation itself, and challenges many of the deep-rooted myths we all hold about this epicenter of human conflict.