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G.I. Jesus
  Release Date: 03/23/07 (Future Release)

Starring: Joe Arquette, Patrícia Mota, Telana Lynum, Maurizio Farhad, Mark Cameron Wystrach

Director: Carl Colpaert

Rating: (R)
  Comedy, Drama, SciFi/Fantasy
  Running Time
  100 min
  Wildcat Releasing
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This scrappy low-budget satire makes some pointed commentary about how everyday Americans can be exploited by the military, among other observations. Directed by Carl Colpaert with several odd touches, the film stars Joe Arquette as a Mexican immigrant who serves in Iraq to earn his citizenship and then returns home to find that his life has, to say the least, not changed completely for the better. The scattershot approach may not be masterful, but it does land some glancing blows.

A Mexican citizen, Jesus, joins the military to become a legal citizen of the United States. After returning from a tour of combat in Iraq, Jesus is shocked to find how much his Mexican wife and daughter have changed in his absence. He watches his American dream turn into a nightmare, as he struggles to hold his family together in a country obsessed with materialism and conspicuous consumption. Jesus soon learns that the true battle begins after the fighting stops.