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Revolution '67
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Director: Marylou Tibaldo-Bongiorno

Rating: (NR)
  Running Time
  90 min
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On July 12, 1967, sparked by the rumor that a black taxi driver was stopped, beaten, and had died, Newark's black citizens turned out in force to protest police actions. The heavy-handed response of the police and city leaders turned the protest into a full-scale revolt. After six days, 26 people lay dead, 725 people injured, and close to 1,500 people had been arrested. The Newark riots were among the deadliest racial disturbances per capita, in recent U.S. history. "Revolution '67" details an important chapter in America's ongoing struggles with race, inequality, and idealism. Using archival footage and firsthand accounts, the film documents the spontaneous social protest. Interviews include eyewitness accounts by activists Amiri Baraka, Tom Hayden, George Richardson and Carol Glassman; former Governor Brendan T. Byrne; former Mayor Sharpe James; and journalist Bob Herbert. The musical score features more than 60 jazz pieces by international artists that set the mood for Newark in the late '60s.