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Happy Walter
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Starring: Zenovia, Dev Stage, Hal Weaver

Director: Zoje Stage

Rating: (NR)
  Running Time
  79 min
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The daughter of an eccentric Andy Warhol-meets-Homer Simpson artist tries to reconnect with her wayward father in this mockumentary about art, fame, and dysfunctional families. Renowned for his toilet paper sculptures and art films featuring unmoving images, Happy Walter basks in his success. Happy Walter Jr.--the eldest of the 13 children who bear his name--conceives of a documentary as a means of learning more about her uninvolved father and his inexplicable success. Through interviews with Happy and his uncredited assistant, Violet Brown--plus assorted self-declared experts and relatives--Happy Jr. exposes hilarious and poignant truths about the art world, fame, and her own dysfunctional family.