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Influences: Emma Thompson


What about the British guys?

Oh, well, Monty Python was huge for me.

You did sketch comedy with Fry and Laurie for seven years. Do you remember a good one you wrote?

[Long pause] Okay, in one of my favorite sketches there are two people sitting with newspapers, and from behind the newspaper, the bloke says, “Did someone just say fuck?” And I say, “No, no,” and a long pause while we read the newspaper. Then he says, “Someone just said fuck, I heard them,” and I say, “No, no,” and a long pause. And he goes, “Did someone just say bugger And it goes on with him going, “I just heard someone say bugger, shit, fuck, cunt, shit, motherfucker … ” And the last line of the sketch is “Well, it’s mostly you, dear.”

Stranger Than Fiction, Sony, November 10.


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