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Him & 'Her'Him & ‘Her’

Director Spike Jonze has made the weirdest, most timely romance of the year—in which Joaquin Phoenix’s character falls in love with an operating system. And, as with so many love stories, the making of the movie was equal parts turbulence and passion.

Antonin ScaliaIn Conversation: Antonin Scalia

On the eve of a new Supreme Court session, the firebrand justice discusses gay rights, media echo chambers, and how much he cares about his intellectual legacy (“I don’t”).

Ethical ParentingEthical Parenting

Is there such a thing? Just ask your children.


The National Interest

The Shutdown ProphetThe Shutdown Prophet

Washington couldn’t have gone dark without a radicalized Republican Party. Or maybe it was destined to all along.


Daily Intelligencer

Is Mayor Bloomberg’s New York Really a Tech Town?Is Mayor Bloomberg’s New York Really a Tech Town?

Mayor Bloomberg says it is. But he's going to need some better evidence.


Daily Intelligencer

NewsweekThe Daily Beast Officially Sheds Newsweek, Lays Off 20

Still roaring.


Daily Intelligencer

A-RodSex, Drugs, and a Bag Full of Cash

A-Rod’s juicy lawsuit against Major League Baseball.

Real Estate & Neighborhoods

Live Where They LivedLive Where They Lived

Barack Obama's walk-up apartment, Ada Louise Huxtable's Park Avenue perch, and John Mayer's bachelor pad are all up for grabs.


Players & Personalities

    diArticles feed for di, 21 Oct 2016 09:35:47 GMT for Node.jsjoe scarborough,the national interest,donald trump,george w. bush,politics,campaign 2016,al goreearly and often,politicsdonald trump,early and often,politicsearly and often,politicsthe national interest,politics,donald trump,hillary clinton,campaign 2016early and often,politicsthe national interest,tim carney,george w. bush,campaign 2000,politics,campaign 2016,al gorethe national interest,politics,donald trump,campaign 2016the national interest,politics,marco rubio,campaign 2016,patrick murphydonald trump,early and often,hillary clinton,politicssenate,politics,SCOTUS,bipartisanship,john mccainearly and often,politicsredistricting,early and often,eric holder,barack obama,democrats,politicsthe national interest,politics,campaign 2016,supreme court,john mccainthe national interest,politics,climate changethe national interest,politics,donald trump,campaign 2016,jared kushnerpolitics,early and often,amy schumerdonald trump,early and often,politicspolitics,republican party,scary thingsbattleground states,polls,hillary clinton,donald trump, early and often,politics<![CDATA[Donald Trump Is Not Like Al Gore]]>, 20 Oct 2016 14:51:32 GMT

    Even before the third presidential debate made Donald Trump’s refusal to abide by the election outcome the election’s central question, conservatives are already preparing a defense of sorts. Trump’s wild ravings about the rigged election, they insisted, were hardly any different from complaints by various liberals...More »]]>Jonathan Chaitjoe scarboroughthe national interestdonald trumpgeorge w. bushpoliticscampaign 2016al gore<![CDATA[Americans Wanted the FCC to Punish CNN for Airing Trump’s Access Hollywood Video]]>, 20 Oct 2016 09:04:00 GMT

    Hours after the world first heard Donald Trump and Billy Bush gabbing about sexual assault on an Access Hollywood bus, Republican strategist Ana Navarro shut down fellow CNN panelist Scottie Nell Hughes, who complained that her daughter was being subjected to Navarro’s liberal use of the word “pussy.”

    “Will you...More »]]>Margaret Hartmannearly and oftenpolitics<![CDATA[GOP Will Accept Election Results, Even If Trump Campaign Doesn’t]]>, 20 Oct 2016 07:42:00 GMT

    After forcing Republicans to spend the last two weeks discussing whether they’d vote for a sexual predator, Donald Trump found a way to make the next 19 days even more nightmarish for his party. Immediately after the debate, Republicans were already being asked whether they intend to uphold...More »]]>Margaret Hartmanndonald trumpearly and oftenpolitics<![CDATA[A Historic 200 Million Americans Are Registered to Vote]]>, 20 Oct 2016 03:39:37 GMT

    While we can all agree that this election has been awful, there is one bit of good news to come out of all the vitriol: historic numbers of Americans have registered to vote.

    More than 200 million people are now registered to vote in the country, 50 million...More »]]>Charley Lanyonearly and oftenpolitics<![CDATA[Donald Trump Confirms at 3rd Debate He Is a Domestic Insurrectionist]]>, 20 Oct 2016 03:31:05 GMT

    Hillary Clinton has used all three presidential debates to make the case that Donald Trump is unfit for office. Trump has proven himself unable to recognize this strategy, or to learn from his failures, or to change his behavior in any way. All three followed the same pattern. Trump began...More »]]>Jonathan Chaitthe national interestpoliticsdonald trumphillary clintoncampaign 2016<![CDATA[Andrew Sullivan Liveblogs the Final Presidential Debate]]>, 20 Oct 2016 00:41:01 GMT

    Thanks for joining the third and final debate liveblog. Yes, it’s nearly over.

    If you want to send me your thoughts as the events proceed, email me at (if you’re a recovering dishhead, you can also always use the old email address). Please refresh to update.

    10:43 p.m. I’m...More »]]>Andrew Sullivanearly and oftenpolitics<![CDATA[The Rigged 2000 Florida Recount and the Path to Donald Trump]]>, 19 Oct 2016 20:46:38 GMT

    Donald Trump has repeatedly warned that the election is “rigged,” insinuated that hordes of African-Americans and illegal immigrants will steal the election through illegal ballots, and urged his supporters to monitor “certain areas.” Many observers have denounced these paranoid warnings as dangerous and corrosive to democratic politics. But Washington Observer...More »]]>Jonathan Chaitthe national interesttim carneygeorge w. bushcampaign 2000politicscampaign 2016al gore<![CDATA[Religious Right Now Judgment-Free, Thanks to Donald Trump]]>, 19 Oct 2016 14:42:10 GMT

    A belief in the connection between personal morality and fitness for office used to be a bedrock of Republican politics. It undergirded the crusade to impeach Bill Clinton, and also supplied the primary theme for George W. Bush’s presidential campaign, which promised to restore “honor and dignity” to the presidency....More »]]>Jonathan Chaitthe national interestpoliticsdonald trumpcampaign 2016<![CDATA[Why Are Senate Democrats Letting Marco Rubio Win?]]>, 19 Oct 2016 12:49:23 GMT

    One of the weirdest political decisions of this election, at least among decisions in the non-Trump category, is the Democratic Party’s lack of commitment to unseating Marco Rubio. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is pulling its remaining ads on behalf of its Senate candidate, Patrick Murphy, despite More »]]>Jonathan Chaitthe national interestpoliticsmarco rubiocampaign 2016patrick murphy<![CDATA[What to Expect in the 3rd Presidential Debate]]>, 19 Oct 2016 09:00:36 GMT

    If anyone still needs proof that this is the nastiest presidential race in recent memory, here it is: Protocol for the final debate has been altered to ensure that the candidates’ spouses won’t have to shake hands. There’s no Bill Clinton–Melania Trump beef, as far as we know. The...More »]]>Margaret Hartmanndonald trumpearly and oftenhillary clintonpolitics<![CDATA[John McCain Announced the Dawn of a New Winner-Take-All Era in Washington]]>, 18 Oct 2016 21:07:51 GMT

    When Senator John McCain publicly promised that Senate Republicans would extend their blockade of Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominations through Hillary Clinton’s presidency, the significance of this ominous step was largely obscured by the generally toxic partisan atmosphere of this presidential election cycle, including the fact that Donald...More »]]>Ed KilgoresenatepoliticsSCOTUSbipartisanshipjohn mccain<![CDATA[FBI Revelations Don’t Offer ‘Undeniable Proof’ of Clinton Corruption, As Trump Camp Claims]]>, 18 Oct 2016 08:48:00 GMT

    If you believe the Trump campaign’s rhetoric, you should make note of what you were doing yesterday, because one day your grandkids are going to ask where you were on October 17, 2016.

    On Monday, the FBI released 100 pages of documents from its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of...More »]]>Margaret Hartmannearly and oftenpolitics<![CDATA[Obama’s Post-Presidency Plan: Challenge the GOP’s State-Level Advantage]]>, 18 Oct 2016 03:11:21 GMT

    Barack Obama has often been accused of being insufficiently partisan — or at least insufficiently devoted to the particular interests of the Democratic Party. So, it’s interesting he’s signaling that he will make a new Democratic redistricting project headed up by former Attorney General Eric Holder “the...More »]]>Ed Kilgoreredistrictingearly and ofteneric holderbarack obamademocratspolitics<![CDATA[McCain Vows Supreme Court Blockade Will Continue Through Clinton’s Presidency]]>, 17 Oct 2016 18:03:40 GMT

    Senate Republicans have formed a united front around the principle Barack Obama should not be able to appoint a replacement for Antonin Scalia, and that the seat should instead be selected by the winner of the 2016 election. This “principle” rests on a wildly selective reading of senatorial history, according...More »]]>Jonathan Chaitthe national interestpoliticscampaign 2016supreme courtjohn mccain<![CDATA[How New Climate Agreements Deal With Crazy Republicans]]>, 17 Oct 2016 16:17:43 GMT

    This weekend, negotiators from 170 countries ratified an agreement to phase out hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs, a gas used in refrigerators and air conditioners that is also a powerful heat-trapping gas. The pact will reduce global warming by almost one degree Fahrenheit, a very large change to bring about...More »]]>Jonathan Chaitthe national interestpoliticsclimate change<![CDATA[Donald Trump Might Not Be Running for President]]>, 17 Oct 2016 12:52:14 GMT

    In June, Sarah Ellison reported, “according to several people briefed on the discussions,” Donald Trump was exploring “the possibility of launching a ‘mini-media conglomerate’” after the election. Ellison reported that Trump had put the project in the hands of his daughter, Ivanka, and son-in-law Jared Kushner. Today, the...More »]]>Jonathan Chaitthe national interestpoliticsdonald trumpcampaign 2016jared kushner<![CDATA[Dozens Walk Out After Amy Schumer Trashes Trump During Comedy Show]]>, 17 Oct 2016 05:29:41 GMT

    On Sunday night, about 200 people walked out of Amy Schumer’s show at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida, after she called Donald Trump, among other things, an “orange, sexual-assaulting, fake-college-starting monster.” It’s unclear if the audience had never heard Schumer’s comedy before or if they just didn’t like hearing...More »]]>Margaret Hartmannpoliticsearly and oftenamy schumer<![CDATA[Trump and Surrogates Escalate Election-Rigging Rhetoric]]>, 17 Oct 2016 02:46:12 GMT

    Donald Trump continued to claim that the election was rigged over the weekend, with surrogates Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, and Jeff Sessions also joining the fray.

    Trump stepped up his accusations of vote tampering, saying at a rally on Saturday that “it looks to me like a rigged...More »]]>Charley Lanyondonald trumpearly and oftenpolitics<![CDATA[Republican Party Office Firebombed in North Carolina]]>, 16 Oct 2016 22:39:00 GMT

    A county Republican Party headquarters in a heavily Democratic part of North Carolina was firebombed and threatened with an anti-Nazi message overnight Saturday, according to the Charlotte Observer. Reports indicate that a bottle of flammable liquid was thrown through the front window of the Orange County Republican...More »]]>Chas Dannerpoliticsrepublican partyscary things<![CDATA[Clinton Maintains Lead in Two New Polls, But Trump Tape Impact Is Mixed]]>, 16 Oct 2016 18:38:00 GMT

    With just over three weeks left until Election Day and as many as 1.5 million votes already cast, two new national polls conducted following the second presidential debate show Hillary Clinton expanding or consolidating her lead over Donald Trump in a four-way matchup. One, from More »]]>Chas Dannerbattleground statespollshillary clintondonald trump early and oftenpolitics