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Him & 'Her'Him & ‘Her’

Director Spike Jonze has made the weirdest, most timely romance of the year—in which Joaquin Phoenix’s character falls in love with an operating system. And, as with so many love stories, the making of the movie was equal parts turbulence and passion.

Antonin ScaliaIn Conversation: Antonin Scalia

On the eve of a new Supreme Court session, the firebrand justice discusses gay rights, media echo chambers, and how much he cares about his intellectual legacy (“I don’t”).

Ethical ParentingEthical Parenting

Is there such a thing? Just ask your children.


The National Interest

The Shutdown ProphetThe Shutdown Prophet

Washington couldn’t have gone dark without a radicalized Republican Party. Or maybe it was destined to all along.


Daily Intelligencer

Is Mayor Bloomberg’s New York Really a Tech Town?Is Mayor Bloomberg’s New York Really a Tech Town?

Mayor Bloomberg says it is. But he's going to need some better evidence.


Daily Intelligencer

NewsweekThe Daily Beast Officially Sheds Newsweek, Lays Off 20

Still roaring.


Daily Intelligencer

A-RodSex, Drugs, and a Bag Full of Cash

A-Rod’s juicy lawsuit against Major League Baseball.

Real Estate & Neighborhoods

Live Where They LivedLive Where They Lived

Barack Obama's walk-up apartment, Ada Louise Huxtable's Park Avenue perch, and John Mayer's bachelor pad are all up for grabs.


Players & Personalities

    diArticles feed for di, 26 Oct 2016 16:50:32 GMT for Node.jsthe national interest,politics,donald trump,campaign 2016politics,today in donald trump,early and oftendonald trump,early and often,politicsthe national interest,politics,obamacarekellyanne conway,Early and often,politicsearly and often,politicspolitics,early and often,joe biden,joetoriousdonald trump,early and often,politicsearly and often,terry mcauliffe,politicssaudi arabia,hillary clinton,international affairs,donald trump,middle east,foreign policy,politics,yemencurt schilling,media,steve bannon,donald trump,breitbart,alt-right,politicsearly and often, today in donald trump,sexual harrassment,donald trump,media conglomerates,politicspolitics,presidential race,al smith dinner,hillary clintondebates,politics,third presidential debate,the national circus,presidential election 2016 joe scarborough,the national interest,donald trump,george w. bush,politics,campaign 2016,al goreearly and often,politicsdonald trump,early and often,politicsearly and often,politicsthe national interest,politics,donald trump,hillary clinton,campaign 2016early and often,politics<![CDATA[The Oddly Snobbish Anti-Intellectualism of Donald Trump]]>, 26 Oct 2016 16:37:55 GMT

    “Folks, we’re run by people that are not smart people, or to put it a different way, we are run by stupid people. Stupid people,” said Donald Trump Monday. Smart versus stupid, along with weak versus strong, is the barometer Trump uses to gauge men’s worth. (Women are...More »]]>Jonathan Chaitthe national interestpoliticsdonald trumpcampaign 2016<![CDATA[It’s Come to This: Biden and Trump Are Talking About Fighting Each Other ‘Behind the Gym’]]>, 26 Oct 2016 10:02:00 GMT

    Joe Biden has been surprisingly gaffe-free while campaigning for Hillary Clinton, but on Friday, he toed the line when he described what he’d like to do to Donald Trump at a rally in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. “The press always asks me, don’t I wish I were debating him?” Biden said....More »]]>Margaret Hartmannpoliticstoday in donald trumpearly and often<![CDATA[Hack Reveals Clinton Staffers’ Concerns About Private Server, But No Smoking Gun]]>, 26 Oct 2016 09:31:55 GMT

    When the news broke that Hillary Clinton used a private email server as secretary of State, her aides tried to control the damage, and some blamed each other — as we now know thanks to the campaign’s second email controversy.

    The latest batch of emails from Clinton campaign chairm John...More »]]>Margaret Hartmanndonald trumpearly and oftenpolitics<![CDATA[Obamacare Is a Policy Triumph and a Political Failure]]>, 25 Oct 2016 14:11:03 GMT

    For all its recent difficulties, of which there are more below, Obamacare has made American health care both dramatically more affordable and humanitarian. Its various cost reforms have helped bring medical inflation to decades-low levels, and it has given access to basic medical care to 20 million Americans who lacked...More »]]>Jonathan Chaitthe national interestpoliticsobamacare<![CDATA[Kellyanne Conway Insists Trump Can Still Win, Weird Media Appearances Say Otherwise]]>, 25 Oct 2016 10:23:39 GMTOn Sunday, Kellyanne Conway finally acknowledged that there’s something amiss with the Donald Trump campaign. “We’re behind,” she told Meet the Press.

    So, as Trump’s campaign manager, how is she planning to turn things around in the next two weeks? Apparently by doing media appearances that suggest she’s out of...More »]]>Margaret Hartmannkellyanne conwayEarly and oftenpolitics<![CDATA[Enjoy the Hillary Clinton–Elizabeth Warren Alliance While You Still Can]]>, 25 Oct 2016 08:28:13 GMT

    Elizabeth Warren rolled out another viral Donald Trump insult on Monday, turning the Republican nominee’s “nasty woman” dig into a rallying cry. “Get this, Donald — nasty women are tough. Nasty women are smart. And nasty women vote,” Warren said in New Hampshire, as Hillary Clinton...More »]]>Margaret Hartmannearly and oftenpolitics<![CDATA[Joe Biden Hints at Post-White House Plans]]>, 25 Oct 2016 03:27:03 GMT

    As members of the Obama administration make their final push to ensure that they’re not succeeded by Donald Trump, they’re also offering some clues as to where we’ll find them after January 2017.

    During an unannounced visit to a Hillary Clinton campaign office in Toledo, Ohio on Monday, Vice President...More »]]>Margaret Hartmannpoliticsearly and oftenjoe bidenjoetorious<![CDATA[Kellyanne Conway Says Trump Would Challenge Clinton to Another Debate]]>, 24 Oct 2016 08:56:43 GMT

    Aside from undermining our democracy, the scariest aspect of Donald Trump’s suggestion last week that he might not accept the results of the election was the prospect that the race could drag on far beyond November 8. On Sunday Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway made a similarly frightening...More »]]>Margaret Hartmanndonald trumpearly and oftenpolitics<![CDATA[Terry McAuliffe Aided Wife of FBI Official Later Tasked With Clinton Email Probe]]>, 24 Oct 2016 06:03:03 GMT

    Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe is a longtime Clinton ally, prolific Democratic fundraiser, and former Clinton Foundation board member, and last May we learned that he’s the subject of a federal investigation into his campaign contributions. Considering these facts it’s a bit surprising that his name hasn’t been bandied...More »]]>Margaret Hartmannearly and oftenterry mcauliffepolitics<![CDATA[The Debate We Should Be Having About America’s Role in the Yemen War]]>, 24 Oct 2016 01:04:46 GMT

    “Foreign hot spots” was one of the topics on the menu at Wednesday’s third and final presidential debate, but Chris Wallace might as well have just called the segment “Aleppo and Mosul.” Donald Trump, in character, seemed to claim that the liberation of Mosul was timed to...More »]]>Jonah Sheppsaudi arabiahillary clintoninternational affairsdonald trumpmiddle eastforeign policypoliticsyemen<![CDATA[Curt Schilling Joins Breitbart ]]>, 23 Oct 2016 15:35:08 GMT

    With it looking increasingly unlikely Donald Trump will be heading to the White House, the prospect that he will partner with his campaign CEO, Breitbart executive chair Steve Bannon, to launch a Trump TV network seems more and more probable. In the meantime, the right-wing website...More »]]>Gabriel Shermancurt schillingmediasteve bannondonald trumpbreitbartalt-rightpolitics<![CDATA[Donald Trump Claims He Will Sue Women Who Have Accused Him of Sexual Misconduct]]>, 22 Oct 2016 17:20:02 GMT

    Donald Trump, in a speech that was billed as him making his closing argument of the campaign and outlining what he will do in his first 100 days in office, claimed that he will file lawsuits against the women who have come forward to accuse him of sexual harassment and...More »]]>Chas Dannerearly and often today in donald trumpsexual harrassmentdonald trumpmedia conglomeratespolitics<![CDATA[More People Tuned In to See Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Roast Each Other Than Watched Grey’s Anatomy]]>, 21 Oct 2016 21:37:37 GMT

    As Thursday’s Al Smith dinner played out Thursday night, more than a few cable-news analysts and Twitter pundits were quick to note how “real” voters couldn’t care less about the event, in which Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump roasted each other (and, in Clinton’s case, herself). Said prognosticators might want...More »]]>Josef Adalianpoliticspresidential raceal smith dinnerhillary clinton<![CDATA[The Republican Party Owns Donald Trump’s Actions on Election Day]]>, 21 Oct 2016 15:54:26 GMT

    Most weeks, New York Magazine writer-at-large Frank Rich speaks with contributor Alex Carp about the biggest stories in politics and culture. Today: Trump’s dangerous rhetoric, the last presidential debate, and the potential future of the GOP.

    Despite the protestations of his party, his campaign, and...More »]]>Frank Richdebatespoliticsthird presidential debatethe national circuspresidential election 2016<![CDATA[Donald Trump Is Not Like Al Gore]]>, 20 Oct 2016 14:51:32 GMT

    Even before the third presidential debate made Donald Trump’s refusal to abide by the election outcome the election’s central question, conservatives are already preparing a defense of sorts. Trump’s wild ravings about the rigged election, they insisted, were hardly any different from complaints by various liberals...More »]]>Jonathan Chaitjoe scarboroughthe national interestdonald trumpgeorge w. bushpoliticscampaign 2016al gore<![CDATA[Americans Wanted the FCC to Punish CNN for Airing Trump’s Access Hollywood Video]]>, 20 Oct 2016 09:04:00 GMT

    Hours after the world first heard Donald Trump and Billy Bush gabbing about sexual assault on an Access Hollywood bus, Republican strategist Ana Navarro shut down fellow CNN panelist Scottie Nell Hughes, who complained that her daughter was being subjected to Navarro’s liberal use of the word “pussy.”

    “Will you...More »]]>Margaret Hartmannearly and oftenpolitics<![CDATA[GOP Will Accept Election Results, Even If Trump Campaign Doesn’t]]>, 20 Oct 2016 07:42:00 GMT

    After forcing Republicans to spend the last two weeks discussing whether they’d vote for a sexual predator, Donald Trump found a way to make the next 19 days even more nightmarish for his party. Immediately after the debate, Republicans were already being asked whether they intend to uphold...More »]]>Margaret Hartmanndonald trumpearly and oftenpolitics<![CDATA[A Historic 200 Million Americans Are Registered to Vote]]>, 20 Oct 2016 03:39:37 GMT

    While we can all agree that this election has been awful, there is one bit of good news to come out of all the vitriol: historic numbers of Americans have registered to vote.

    More than 200 million people are now registered to vote in the country, 50 million...More »]]>Charley Lanyonearly and oftenpolitics<![CDATA[Donald Trump Confirms at 3rd Debate He Is a Domestic Insurrectionist]]>, 20 Oct 2016 03:31:05 GMT

    Hillary Clinton has used all three presidential debates to make the case that Donald Trump is unfit for office. Trump has proven himself unable to recognize this strategy, or to learn from his failures, or to change his behavior in any way. All three followed the same pattern. Trump began...More »]]>Jonathan Chaitthe national interestpoliticsdonald trumphillary clintoncampaign 2016<![CDATA[Andrew Sullivan Liveblogs the Final Presidential Debate]]>, 20 Oct 2016 00:41:01 GMT

    Thanks for joining the third and final debate liveblog. Yes, it’s nearly over.

    If you want to send me your thoughts as the events proceed, email me at (if you’re a recovering dishhead, you can also always use the old email address). Please refresh to update.

    10:43 p.m. I’m...More »]]>Andrew Sullivanearly and oftenpolitics