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Hedda Nussbaum
Joel Steinberg’s abused girlfriend; her testimony helped convict him of killing their adopted daughter

All Photos: Dan Winters

Frank Serpico
Blew the whistle on NYPD corruption

David Guthartz
Provoked a Rudy Giuliani tirade about ferrets

Antoine Yates
Kept a tiger in his Harlem apartment

Marla Maples
Donald Trump’s second ex-wife; said in headlines that sex with Trump was “best sex I ever had”

Yusef Salaam
Falsely accused of Central Park Jogger rape; spent seven years in jail

Jeffrey Maier
At age 12, he reached over the wall and helped send the Yankees to the World Series

George “Super Fly” Willig
Scaled south tower of the World Trade Center

Jayson Blair
Fabricated stories; precipitated the fall of the editor of the New York Times

Joey Buttafuoco
Auto-mechanic paramour of “Long Island Lolita” Amy Fisher

40th-Anniversary Features

boom-bust-boom townBoom-Bust-Boom Town
In 1968, many New Yorkers were panicked about the city’s future too. Needlessly, as it turned out.


woody allenChatting With Woody
New York’s hometown auteur on whether a lifetime of psychoanalysis has paid off, and why kids from Yale no longer like good movies.