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Guilty Pleasures

5 Websites we couldn't resist
Rage against the rich: Last summer's hot, new sport? Nuke the Hamptons

Bert and Osama
It had all the marks of an Internet hoax: Ernie's banana-headed counterpart from Sesame Street alongside Osama bin Laden on rally posters in Bangladesh. Well, folks, this one turned out to be true.
See the site

Not easily offended? Try some good old-fashioned jingoism in the form of hawkish cartoons and Photoshop fakery (think the Statue of Liberty clutching Osama's head by the hair).
See the site

Which Fundamentalist Said It?
"A condition like this will bring about the destruction of your nation. It'll bring about terrorist bombs...and possibly a meteor." Hmm. Could have been Osama, could have been Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson. This and 19 other bon mots await your guess.
See the site

Lizzie 500
Back that thang up just like the Grubster did in this Flash game accompanied by the strains of Nelly's "Ride Wit Me." Hit-and-run simulation finally made it to the Web.
See the site

Nuke the Hamptons
For everyone who wanted a summer share in the city's haven for the beautiful and rich but didn't get one... and for everyone who did.
See the site

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