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The Worst Day

A look back (in lists) at September 11

The Dead
9/13: 11,000 body bags ordered
9/15: 4,717 reported missing, 124 bodies recovered
9/21: 6,333 reported missing, 241 confirmed dead
10/5: 4,986 reported missing, 380 confirmed dead
10/26: 4,464 dead or missing, 506 confirmed dead
11/17: 3,953 dead or missing, 636 confirmed dead
12/3: 3,300 dead or missing
12/17: 3,030 dead or missing

The Worst Day


The Costs
Estimated insurance payout so far: $9.6 billion
Cost in lost revenue to New York State: $1.63 billion
Estimated revenue loss for next year: $6 billion
Estimated lost office space: 25 million sq. ft.
Lost or displaced workers: 87,000
Federal and state disaster assistance allotted: $696 million
Cleanup cost: $500 million-plus

The Lost
World Trade Towers 1 and 2; Buildings 4, 5, 6, 7
St. Charlie's Bar
Barneys (in The World Financial Center)
Borders at the World Financial Center
Marriott Financial Center Hotel
Tall Ships Bar & Grill
Gemelli Restaurant
Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island (temporarily closed to the public)
Century 21
The Greatest Bar on Earth
Wild Blue
Windows on the World
TKTS (moved to a trailer in Bowling Green)
Rector, Cortlandt, South Ferry and World Trade subway stops

The People
Mychal Judge
In the staggering inventory of incredible losses, the fire department chaplain became a special symbol of the heart and compassion of FDNY.

Richard Sheirer
The director of the city's Office of Emergency Management went from being the go-to guy for burst water mains to the unsung hero of Ground Zero.

Thomas Van Essen
The fire commissioner became the tough yet troubled face of the FDNY, even as he suffered rocky relations with his own department.

Howard Lutnick
By turns a victim and a villain (after he stopped deceased workers' paychecks), Lutnick earned a distinction no CEO wants to have as the leader of Cantor Fitzgerald, a company that lost 657 employees September 11.

Kofi Annan
The U.N. Secretary-General has been called the "international rock star of diplomacy," and he's been at the center of foreign relations since the crisis began.

George Pataki
The governor played supportive brother to Giuliani, standing with him at memorials and lobbying with him for rescue funds, but stopped short at making any executive moves to keep Rudy in office.

Rudy Giuliani
He's the nation's mayor now.

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