A hundred days into Michael Bloomberg's administration, he's proven that a delegating, socializing billionaire CEO just might make a great mayor. Now comes the hard part.

Republican Party Animal
The mayor knows how to schmooze -- seriously. Put a glass of wine in one hand and an hors d'oeuvre in the other, and he's never been happier.
Homes, Sweet Homes
Manhattan, London, Bermuda -- Bloomberg's got deluxe dwellings in each. Gracie Mansion's not good enough for our man Mike.
 A Mayor and His Money
He makes how much? What Mike earns and where he invests.
 The Charm Offensive
Wining and dining his way to political support.
London Calling
Conquering New York City society was easy. What's next? Taking Britain by storm.
 "You Bet I Did, and I Enjoyed It"
Bloomberg inhales explains a brand-new pro-pot ad. Who knew? New York ran the quote last year....
Bloomberg on High
How do you feel about the mayorís admission that heís smoked marijuana and liked it?
A. Iím shocked! Outraged! Dismayed!
B. It sets a bad example, but itís his own private business.
C. ďAt last, an honest politician.Ē
D. Pass the bong, Mike.

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