He's hot, talented, and the post-gay gay icon.

As a city lifestyle, possibly. What does that mean for gays?

25 queer icons name their favorites.

New York may be the best place to come out, but that doesn't make it easy.

The party drug's fueling a new epidemic of unsafe sex.

P is for the gay penguins, Wendell and Cass....

The Real World star tells the truth about "Don't ask, don't tell."

New York's hottest go-go dancers reveal themselves.

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Queer Culture from A to Z
Bonus Feature: No mention of Barbra Streisand — or Andrew Sullivan!

A is for Aneesa, the unbelievably hot (and hilarious) lesbian from this season's The Real World.

B is for Mike Bloomberg, our gay-friendly mayor.

C is for is for the newly renamed "Chances Are . . . " on Christopher Street, the gay bar with the creepiest name of all time (the ominous ellipses make for endless possibilities: " . . . You're Hideous," " . . . Crabs," etc.).

D is for is for Details —- not a gay magazine, but we still like to look at the pictures.

E is for Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin minus the sexual ambiguity (he's dating Anna Kournikova). You can run, you can hide, but you can't escape his mole.

F is for "Freek," the George Michael single about sex addiction, featuring dial-up-modem squeals (can't he afford broadband?) to connote cybersex (can't he afford a real boyfriend?).

G is for straight Alias star Jennifer Garner, the hottest leather-clad lesbian icon since Lucy "Xena" Lawless. (Pictured, top left)

is for Homer, which is what renegesbian Anne Heche (Ellen's ex) has named her son. D'ohh!

I is for Sir Ian McKellen — how cool is it that Gandalf the Gray (in The Lord of the Rings) was played by an openly gay actor? (Pictured, third from left)

is for gay-lit "It" boy JT LeRoy — whose genius novel Sarah is beloved by Courtney Love.

K is for pop goddess Kylie Minogue, whose "Can't Get You Out of My Head" necessitates hypnotherapy or sedation so that you can get it out of your head.

L is for George Lucas, whose Star Wars: Episode II -- Attack of the Clones is also a long-winded nickname for Chelsea.

M is for Montreal, the feeder city for the erotic artistes who storm the stages (and occasionally laps) at Madonna's favorite strip bar, the Gaiety.

N is for Chelsea's favorite leather emporium, the Noose (see also R, below).

O is for Rosie O'Donnell. Maybe you've heard of her.

P is for gay penguins, namely the New York Aquarium's Wendell and Cass, who've made headlines not only for their long-term monogamy but for having the neatest living quarters of all the penguins. (Pictured, top right)

Q is for Queer Duck ("Like one in ten ducks, I'm gay!"), the obscenely funny Showtime cartoon.

R is for totally raunchy, which is what gay nightlife has become post-Giuliani.

S is for SBNY, the new name for the gay bar Splash — not to be confused with the other SBNY, Sperm Bank of New York, an independent (and unrelated) New York cell-and-tissue bank.

T is for straight (but gay-iconic) Calvin Klein model Travis, whose crotch reportedly has its own agent now (it's hoping for a Fox or WB development deal). (Pictured, second from left)

is for HBO's morbidly fascinating Six Feet Under, from the (gay) Oscar-winning screenwriter Alan Ball.

V is for digital video, which has caused an xxxplosion in amateur gay porn.

W is for "Weekend Update" on Saturday Night Live, simply because we love straight geek-chic lesbian icon Tina Fey and her equally straight but just as lovely co-anchor Jimmy "Like My Hair Gel?" Fallon.

X is for XL, the $2.5 million Chelsea gay bar (Sex and the City filmed here) with the XL drink prices and the XS T-shirts on the bartenders.

Y is for straight MTV newsboy Gideon Yago (Tina Fey's male geek-chic counterpart).

Z is for Liza with a z, who we hear just married some straight dude.


From the April 29, 2002 issue of New York Magazine.



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