He's hot, talented, and the post-gay gay icon.

As a city lifestyle, possibly. What does that mean for gays?

25 queer icons name their favorites.

New York may be the best place to come out, but that doesn't make it easy.

The party drug's fueling a new epidemic of unsafe sex.

P is for the gay penguins, Wendell and Cass....

The Real World star tells the truth about "Don't ask, don't tell."

New York's hottest go-go dancers reveal themselves.

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Gay Faves
Twenty-five queer — and queer-friendly — icons rave about their Queer New York favorites.

Melissa Etheridge
Rock goddess
Henrietta's bar: My friend Alan Cumming and the guys always want to go to girls bars, and I have to say, "You don't understand. I'm Elvis in a girls bar." But once we went to Henrietta's and there was a band covering my songs, so I got up and sang. I remember some guy complaining loudly about the cover charge. He was like, "Five dollars! Who's playing?" Then he shut up when he saw it was me.

Bob Mould
Punk-rock legend whose new record is Modulate
• Rawhide. In the age of the pleather bar, it's nice that there's still a place like Rawhide. Once a guy was go-go dancing on the bar and he took a call on his cell phone! I loved that. Plus, they have Ms. Pac-Man.

Michael Musto
Village Voice columnist
• "Beige," Tuesday nights at B Bar & Grill — still the best party at which to either meet the gay mafia or become a member.

Kimberly Peirce
Director of Boys Don't Cry
Meow Mix. I know Brooke, and I just think it's amazing that with all the zoning laws and everything, she's been able to keep it going. It's so hard to keep a lesbian bar open in the city.

George Wayne
Resident goddess at Vanity Fair
• Moby's not gay, but it's hard to imagine gay music — or the city's music scene in general — without him. To me, Moby epitomizes the Gotham post-millennial downtown sensibility — he is not only one of the most influential arbiters of pop culture but also one of the realest, coolest, sweetest downtown denizens. If Warhol were still with us, he would have been cozying up to Moby as his new best friend.

Brian Keith Jackson
whose new book is The Queen of Harlem
• The Harlem Fairway: an excellent place to get your uptown flirt on. No matter what anyone tells you, freshness counts.

Murray Moss
Owner of Moss, SoHo
• The anti-folk duo Testosterone Kills. Because they describe themselves as "what Simon & Garfunkel might have been if they fucked each other and grew up on Nirvana and techno and had day jobs at Moss" — which they do.

John Bartlett
Menswear designer
Radical Faerie drumming circles — yes, you can find them even in New York. Sweaty, pagan bear cubs thumping to their own beat. Body hair aplenty.
Black leather jeans from the Leather Man, my personal favorite New York designer. Discover the new meaning of an inseam fitting as you get them hand-tailored to order.

Jane Pratt
Editor of Jane
• My favorite intersection in the city — Bleecker Street at West 11th. Where, especially on a weekend afternoon, the cutest guys shop at Marc Jacobs and eat cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery.

Hilary Rosen
President and CEO of the Recording Industry Association of America
• That old standby lesbian bar Cubby Hole, where I can see everyone from my ex–high-school coach to my interns.
• The children's department at Barneys. Given the crowd that's usually there when I visit, there might as well be a special sign: gay parents only.

Tom Fontana

Creator of HBO's OZ
• My gay friends David and Brian — because their marriage has lasted longer than mine did.

Larry Tee

• Electroclash — perhaps the largest musical movement in gay history.
Drag king Murray Hill. Her party with Le Tigre and a hundred drag kings was the most exciting event I went to last year. These dykes party hard!
• Brooklyn gays — they dress better in Brooklyn.

From the April 29, 2002 issue of New York Magazine.


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