He's hot, talented, and the post-gay gay icon.

As a city lifestyle, possibly. What does that mean for gays?

25 queer icons name their favorites.

New York may be the best place to come out, but that doesn't make it easy.

The party drug's fueling a new epidemic of unsafe sex.

P is for the gay penguins, Wendell and Cass....

The Real World star tells the truth about "Don't ask, don't tell."

New York's hottest go-go dancers reveal themselves.

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You Go-Go Girls!
. . . and boys. Derek de Koff gets go-go dancers to (really) reveal themselves.

Francisco, 26, Roxy and SBNY
"I started in the business because you get good money for such a small amount of work. I'm as straight as they come, honey. Gays love straight guys — that's the only reason I have a job. I love the gay clubs, man. The freedom, the politeness — there's too much jealousy in straight clubs."

Orlando, 29, the Roxy and SBNY
"One time, I was dancing and I went up to this big, burly couple wearing jackets and baseball caps — I was really hot, doing my sexy stuff, and I kept wondering, Why are they looking at me that way? They're so serious . . . so angry. Then I realized they were two lesbians."

Mstickle, 27, Meow Mix, "Bombshell" at Suite 16, and others
"If a customer is rude, you smile and tell them to back off. If that doesn't work, a spike heel in the neck goes a long way. . . . Once, my friend and I were dancing on a bar top in London and trying to be all sexy. We both slipped and fell in Boy George's lap."

Rachael (a.k.a. Darling Star), 22, "Bombshell" at Suite 16, "Gloss" at Meow Mix
"Once, after several bourbons, I thought it would be a good idea to do backflips off my go-go cage. When I almost landed on my head, I realized, I have no insurance. If I hurt myself, I'm a broke ass. You can't really call your mom and say, 'Hey, Ma, I just broke my head open from backflipping off my go-go cage . . .' "

JIMMY, 26, the Roxy and "Hunk-O-Mania," "a male revue for females only," at Float
"As a straight guy, the only downside to working at a gay party is how picky some of the guys are. I hate it when they roll their eyes at me as if to say, 'You're not all that . . . ' "

Marian T, 26, SBNY, Stonewall, and others
"For any go-go boys just starting out: Don't expect to do this for too long."

From the April 29, 2002 issue of New York Magazine.



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