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In a media-saturated town, when the going gets tough, the tough can get pretty stupid.

"Marla: Best Sex I Ever Had" is only the half of it...

Thirty-five of the most shocking, outrageous, and infamous moments of the past 35 years... (web exclusive)

Space invaders that blighted our skyline.
AOL and Time Warner Come Together
It's the old story of the Titanic and that iceberg -- they're still scrambling for the lifeboats.
Bernie Goetz: Hero?
There was a moment in bullied-by-thugs, pre-Rudy New York when even this creep was admired.
  John Gotti and the End of the Mob
He had Paul Castellano whacked outside Sparks steak house. Then Gotti's stupidity killed the mob.
    Times Square: Cleaned Up
Times Square’s sin and vice and squalor helped define the New York experience.
    Rudy vs. Ed
Giuliani and Koch went mouth-to-mouth for mayoral-obnoxiousness supremacy. You decide.
    An Affair to Remember
Saul Steinberg's 50th-birthday party was a Tableau Vivant of Eighties Excess.
    When Lizzie Mattered
Not so long ago, an entitled PR girl was the only terror we had to worry about.
    New York Goes... Native?!?
10 signs of creeping Americanization.