New York Magazine


The Long Island Lolita

When: May 19, 1992

The facts: Amy Fisher, a 17-year-old high-school school senior who's been having an affair with 38-year-old Joey Buttafuoco, an auto mechanic, since she was 16 years old pays his wife Mary Jo, an unexpected visit. "The next thing that Mary Jo Buttafuoco remembers is that she felt her head 'exploding,'" wrote Jeanie Kasindorf. "The .25-caliber bullet smashed into her head .... 'Shit,' she remembers saying to herself before she lost consciousness. 'The little bitch got me.'"

Amy's story: "Amy says that the affair was common knowledge to everyone around his shop. She says she went out on his boat with him with friends, and claims they went to parties together as a couple and that he even introduced her to his children in a park. She talked about him everywhere. At John F. Kennedy High School, the kids in her senior class knew him as the 'auto mechanic.'" —from "Running Wild" in the August 10, 1992 issue of New York Magazine

The soap opera: It's a media circus. Joey denies having a relationship with Amy, calling her obssessed. Amy says they began an affair in July of 1991 when she was 16. He made love to her the first time in her bedroom when her parents weren't home. Amy accuses Joey of helping her plan the attack and pushing her into prostitution. Mary Jo stands by her man. Joey calls Howard Stern to declare "I'm faithful to my wife." Both sides sell movie rights.

Jail time: In October of 1992, Fisher agrees to a plea bargain and is sentenced to five- to fifteen years in prison. (She was released in April of 1999 with a few scandals during her prison stay that landed her once again on the cover of the Post.)

One year later, in October of 1993, after repeatedly denying his involvement with Fisher —"If I really believed Joey Buttafuoco had an affair with Amy Fisher, I'd cut his testicles off," said Mary Jo Buttafuoco. — Joey pleads guilty to statutory rape and is sentenced to six months in jail.

Like an Energizer bunny: In 1995, Joey ("The Long Island Lothario") is arrested after attempting to buy sex on Hollywood's Sunset Strip. Mary Jo stands by him. Joey is a professional wrestler. Amy writes a newspaper column. Amy's pregnant with the child of a Joey lookalike. Mary Jo dates a dentist. And it goes on and on...