New York Magazine


Lizzie at Conscience Point

When: July 6, 2001

The facts: At around midnight, publicist and glitter-girl Lizzie Grubman (who had made the cover of New York a few years before) heads to the club Conscience Point, one of her signature Hamptons accounts, to end the evening. She gets into a dispute with club bouncers who ask her to move her car. Grubman utters the now infamous "Fuck you, white trash." Within minutes, she puts the SUV into reverse, crashing through the velvet rope, and hitting sixteen people. She flees the scene of the crime. "In a crash that broke ankles and pelvises and spilled cocktails and launched upwards of $100 million in lawsuits -- she may have ended a whole Hamptons era," writes Beth Landman Keil and Alex Williams.

The consequences: Grubman, daughter of a prominent entertainment lawyer, serves 38 days in jail. Lawsuits totalling more than $90 million are still pending.

It's a class issue: The Post puts the LizzieMobile on the streets of New York.


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