New York Magazine


Nelson Rockefeller Dead in Bed

When: January 26, 1979

First reports: A former vice-president and four-term New York governor, the multi-millionaire Nelson Rockefeller dies of a heart attack at 70 in his office at Rockefeller Center while at his desk working on a book about modern art.

Not quite: Actually, he was at his 54th St. townhouse with his chauffeur... and a young assistant.

And the assistant? 27-year-old blonde Megan Marshack

The rumors: Rockefeller had a heart attack during sex with his young mistress. What does a frantic mistress do in such compromising circumstances? It's an hour before an ambulance is called — and the call is made not by Marshack but by TV personality Ponchitta Pierce who lived in Marshack's building. Marshack is left a townhouse in Rockefeller's will. Rockefeller is quickly cremated.