New York Magazine

From foie gras explosions to chocolate eruptions, 13 dishes that changed eating.

Lofts attract artists attract hipsters attract restaurants... It's the law of the jungle.

Where the bold(faced) and the beautiful danced the nights away —for 35 years...

35 Years of the Hottest Neighborhoods
How relentless real-estate hype remade the city, nabe by hot nabe.

The Most Sought-After Tables

Baby, it's cold outside, but not for long. And Food at these places was only the hors d'oeuvre.

The Rise of Punk Downtown
We fled the suburbs to the sleazy oz of punk-rock downtown for free drinks and Lou Reed's insults.

Stores That Changed the Way We Shop
The city's favorite sport? Spending money. The places where we polished our game.

The Power of Barneys
When Barneys could transform you...
Brooklyn Bound
The F-train became a caravan of dreams for those seeking cheap rents but finding much more.
      Larry Forgione's Crusade
The chef led the homegrown revolt against the tyranny of french cuisine.
      Union Square Greenmarket
It brought new flavors to New York restaurants and home kitchens.