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Before Chessy, Coco

From: Mitchell Owens, Manhattan
I knew Chessy Rayner casually, admired her enormously, and wrote about her on occasion -- including, sadly, her obituary for the New York Times. And while she taught me and many others how to live stylishly while spending less -- deploying cheap Chinatown plates with uptown aplomb, buying masses of Korean-grocer pink carnations, pondering the design possibilities at Sears, and basically just not giving a damn -- Rayner would have laughed to read that "she pioneered the concept of mixing high and low," as your writer, Amy Larocca, asserts ["Playing Chessy," August 26-September 2]. After all, Coco Chanel got there first.


A Time to "Give"

From: Peter Larkin, Bayside,N.Y.
In your September 16 issue, I read that Liza Minnelli and her husband, David Gest, are auctioning off some of their belongings because it's "time to give everything back to the fans" ["Intelligencer: Life Is an Auction for Liza and David," by Marc S. Malkin], according to the auction-house president. If they were really interested in "giving" anything away, wouldn't it be more appropriate to donate their things to a charity, and let the charity reap the benefits?


Twelve Angry Hicks

From: Doretta Levine, Williamsville, N.Y.
I'm a resident of western New York and a subscriber to New York Magazine. I found the references to the "two hick grand juries, one out in western Pennsylvania and another in western New York" in James J. Cramer's recent column ["The Bottom Line: The Morning Line," September 16] to be yet another provincial comment by a New York writer. In no way is your judicial system superior to ours.


Not in My Village

From: Bruce David Martin, Manhattan
Your article extolling the virtues of Richard Meier's glass towers ["Gotham: Outside the Box," by Aric Chen, September 9] is insulting to longtime Greenwich Village residents like myself. Who cares if celebrities are moving in? No doubt Mr. Chen doesn't live in the Village and hasn't had his view of the Hudson River obscured by these hideous structures. Richard Meier's "artwork" shows a total disregard for our historic neighborhood. Though the pretentious sign that used to be next to the buildings declared them architectural landmarks, they are not the type of landmarks that are welcome here.


In the September 9 "Cue: Movies" listing for These Men of Conscience, director Carol Ann Francis's acting credits were incorrect. Her work includes the films Desperate Rescue and the upcoming More Dogs Than Bones, not the TV shows listed. New York regrets the error.


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