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A Letter from New York Magazine's Editor-in-Chief
A response from Caroline Miller to concerns over New York Magazine's October 29th cover.


Censoring the Pundits

From: Victoria Clark, East Village
Sent to New York Metro: 10/8/01

Subject: Let the Pundits Talk

The more the dissenters talk, the more informed and questioning American citizens can become on this new war. Contrary to the party line, mourning and grief doesn't cancel out the need for true honest analysis of how this nightmarish new world order came to be. Otherwise, I am fearful that the attempt to quiet dissenters is an attempt to keep American citizens focused on superficial symbolism. And since America has such an intelligent, discerning citizenry, surely there must be a belief from the distinguished Fourth Estate and the government that its citizens can separate emotional rhetoric from reasoned and compassionate opinions. Because if not, what exactly are we fighting for?


From: Brady Kimball
Sent to New York Metro: 10/7/01

Subject: Biting the Hand That Feeds

We live in a new world now, with new rules and regulations. Everything we say, do and think about will be affected by the events over the course of a few hours on September 11. America has been handed the task of taking a good hard look at ourselves and our previous practices that may have led up to this extreme act of violence and subsequently alter our behavior, thoughts, and patterns. Free speech is not one of the aspects to be changed. However, journalists, artists, politicians, anyone with a voice in this country should feel a sense of duty to tap into the collective consciousness of the post-9/11 culture and strive to unite, not offend the American public. That being said, it is up to journalists to educate, not assume people know how to internalize this tragedy. For once, leadership towards a Brave New World consists of a more thoughtful, retrospective ideology...Americans everywhere are suddenly realizing we want what W's daddy wanted...a kinder, gentler Nation.

More Freedom of Speech...



Rudy, Rudy, Rudy

From: Steve Apple
Sent to New York Metro: 10/8/2001

October 8, 2001New York Magazine cover, reworked with a vision of 2004 (?)

By Steve Apple





Bye, Bye American Pride?

From: Lyn Morris, New York
Sent to New York Metro: 10/17/2001
Subject: Are we still in ".....the land of the free and the home of the brave?" I forget

As an immigrant, it amuses me to think that people in the "Land of the free....." are so caught up in the kind of "Political Correctness" that we assume that we (I am now also proudly American) need to avoid offending others at all costs. I believe that it is hypocritical to be "......home of the brave" if we are timid about showing it.
Fortunately, here in New York, the city reportedly looks like "The Fourth of July" and people are proudly, for the first time in quite some time, wearing T-shirts and caps with NYPD & FDNY emblazoned on the front of them.
It comes as no surprise that our President has gone ahead with plans to bomb the hell out of Afghans, not to mention, collaterally, The Red Cross.
Americans (including me) are so overstimulated most of the time that we are in a constant state of confusion. Or perhaps, this is what happens when we convince ourselves that we are in charge of and accountable to and for everyone. This is also why foreigners (again, I include myself) end up here. As an immigrant, I am not always in favor of US policies abroad, one of which brought me here, many years ago.
However, I live here now and wish the country as a whole would be true to itself - proudly. If we can't fly the flag or the motto of the country after a terrorist invasion, for God's sake, get rid of both!

Soon we will be whispering, "American and proud of it." so as not to offend any 'foreigners' who may be standing nearby.






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