Running Weld
By Stephen Rodrick
The quixotic candidacy of the partying patrician who wants to be governor, again.
  Vera Wangís Second Honeymoon
By Amy Larocca
Brides love Vera Wang. But does she love them? (Not so much.) What this former Vogue editor and self-described fashion nun really has a passion for is clothes. But let her tell you about it.
The Good Old Boy of Time Inc.
By Kurt Andersen
John Huey sits atop Time and Fortune and 149 other magazines, ready to have some fun. Only now the good old days of big media are history.
Chuckís Chance
By John Heilemann
Whatever happens with Judge Alito, Schumer is likely the Democratic winner. Itís all part of his secret plan for senatorial domination.

New York is rebuilding. But in a sense, New York is always rebuilding. These images, culled from eight decades of the Daily News, remind us of all that's changed -- and all that stays the same.

Excerpted from New York Exposed: Photographs From the Daily News, published by Harry N. Abrams, Inc.


Most of the time, this city is as comfortable as breathing, as familiar to us as any picket-fenced middle-American town. But then, suddenly, there's a siren, a crowd of people looking up, a movie star alighting from a limousine, an eruption of shouting down the block. And New York, which an instant before might have seemed like a sitcom in reruns, becomes an epic, all the more compelling because we, as New Yorkers, have a stake in its outcome. Just a few weeks ago, we lived through an event of such horror and vividness that it will change forever the way the city is viewed. But the selection of images on the following pages, taken from New York Exposed: Photographs From the Daily News, a remarkable book of images culled from eight decades of Daily News archives, remind us that public drama and public tragedy have always been a part of life in New York. The images are beautiful, awesome, uncanny. It's a city you'll recognize.


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