Running Weld
By Stephen Rodrick
The quixotic candidacy of the partying patrician who wants to be governor, again.
  Vera Wang’s Second Honeymoon
By Amy Larocca
Brides love Vera Wang. But does she love them? (Not so much.) What this former Vogue editor and self-described fashion nun really has a passion for is clothes. But let her tell you about it.
The Good Old Boy of Time Inc.
By Kurt Andersen
John Huey sits atop Time and Fortune and 149 other magazines, ready to have some fun. Only now the good old days of big media are history.
Chuck’s Chance
By John Heilemann
Whatever happens with Judge Alito, Schumer is likely the Democratic winner. It’s all part of his secret plan for senatorial domination.
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  Sports Figures
  Cone, David , Professional Pitcher
           ·  Wild Pitcher, October 18, 1999
  Droesch, Clare , Female Basketball Player
           ·  Clare Jordan, March 20, 2000
  Franco, John , Pitcher, New York Mets
           ·  New York Awards 2000, December 18, 2000
  Kidd, Jason , Basketball Player
           ·  Comeback Kidd , February 4, 2002
  Marbury, Stephon , New Jersey Nets
           ·  Stephon Vs. the Curse, March 19, 2001
  O'Neill, Paul , Baseball Player, New York Yankees
           ·  The 2001 New York Awards, December 24-31, 2001
  Piazza, Mike , New York Mets
           ·  My New York: Places That Changed Us, December 18, 2000
  Sehorn, Jason , Cornerback, New York Giants
           ·  Out Of The Blue, January 29, 2001
  Van Gundy, Jeff , Head Coach, New York Knicks
           ·  Smile and You Lose, April 16, 2001
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