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Reasons to Love New York

Because Everyone Loves New York in His Own Particular Way


Why do you love New York? That’s the simple question we posed on earlier this month, and hundreds of you responded. We’ve printed a selection of your reasons here and on the pages that follow, and you can find more, including a video survey of Reasons to Love, on our Website. What’s your reason? Add to the collection at

6. “I love the party revelers outside my window smoking cigarettes and drinking bad wine at four in the morning (secretly, I wish I were there with them).”
—Susan Petrie-Badertscher

7. “I love New York because we order pizza from the Italian place across the street and have our laundry delivered. We take a taxi to the gym. We know exactly what we want out of life and careers, but can’t decide where to eat brunch. We make plans and don’t keep any of them. We think a studio for $1,500 a month is a steal, but get pissed when the coffee guy raises his prices 25 cents. We fight with cabbies about their driving skills, but we are 35 and have never had a driver’s license.”
—Alexis DeSieno

8. “I love New York. I refer to the city as my abusive boyfriend. It slaps me around a lot, but I know I’ll never leave it.”
—Gillian Kocher

9. “I love New York because I can toss my household garbage out my kitchen window and it will land into the bedroom of an adjoining neighbor. Six weeks later, I can find my shredded junk mail used in an installation at a Chelsea gallery, my Chinese-takeaway leftovers composting in Madison Square Park, and my empty tissue boxes used in Ms. Greenbush’s second-grade art class in Bedford-Stuyvesant.”

10. “The reason that I love New York:
People can correctly pronounce my name, plus I’m not the only Jew.”
—Atalie Kessler

11. “I love New York because it is the only city where people actually miss the drug dealers and the crime.”
—Stephen Wong

12. “I love doormen. Who needs a husband when $20 every now and then can get you a mover, a delivery man, a handyman, a security man, a matchmaker, and a man who consistently opens the door for you?”
—Lindsay Conwell


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