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Reasons to Love New York

Jewcy Reasons


88. “Because it’s easier on my allergies than Texas.”
Noah, lawyer

89. “I don’t think I actually love New York anymore. I think I just tolerate it.”
Craig Leinoff, technology officer

90. “Because while in Las Vegas, I purchased, and faithfully wore, a T-shirt that said 'Barry Fanilow' (in sparkling iron-on letters) in order to embarrass my friends, and back in Manhattan, I was having breakfast at my local diner and, because I’m a bachelor on an unpredictable laundry schedule, I was wearing this ridiculous garment. I was reading and sipping coffee when an impossibly chic and sexy young woman approached me and said, ‘Where did you get your shirt? Are you a designer? I’m sooo coveting it.’”
Abe Greenwald, fiction writer, blogger

91.“Because I can blare Madonna at the office at all hours and my co-workers just look at me as though my Canadian-ness were a quaint disease, like John Updike’s psoriasis. Because the city is a 24-hour engine for passion, energy, and ambition; if you click your heels and scream ‘Take me home,’ the L train just might arrive.”
Christopher Sauvé, art director

92. “Because I’m a masochist. Even before I ever set foot in my office in the morning, I feel like I’ve been to battle and back—namely, the 4 train. But I also feel like a war hero every day: I made it through alive, maybe a little bruised and battered, but it was worth the pain.”
Orli Sharaby, online communication strategist

93. “Because you’re always in the right place at the right time. You walk to work and some nut is belting out Pagliacci while he fishes in a subway grate with twine and a magnet. You spot Angela Lindvall at Starbucks and instantly shake the most brutal hangover of your life. You discover things unknown in the annals of Zoobooks being spirited away from a truck in Chinatown.”
Stefan Beck, writer

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