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Reasons to Love New York

Your Reasons

We only had room for twenty in the magazine. Here are scores more.


94. “Things I love about New York:
1. picnics on the great lawn in central park
2. inconvenient parades and the chaos that follows... drunk pple wandering the streets
3. barney green grass on the upper west side
4. 24 hr delivery
5. saigon grill (even though they fired their traumatized delivery men...people still line up for the food!)
6. the fact that 68th and broadway movie theater is the most used theater in the country and more chaotic than jfk on thanksgiving weekend
7. deli ice coffee.. not just starbucks (columbus cafe on 87 & columbus)
8. fresh cold cuts/sandwiches at zabaars
9. when a store is out of your size they can call their other locations that are within walking distance
10. you can make friends and business connections on the subway
11. people respect you instead of tease you for wearing a lot of black
12. fur and stilettos can be acceptable
13. pop burger (best time to meet people is 4 am around a hot dog stand or pop burger)
14. the flower power taxi cabs
15. brownstones
16. the met/its rooftop cafe&bar/those big outside steps
17. cafe havana
18. french roast
19. jakes’s dilemma
20. massive amounts of Asian food
21. all the dogs
22. clubs are filled with bankers instead of celebrities like LA
23. Shakespeare in the park
24. street fairs/craft fairs/markets
25. cafe la lo on the uppper west side where you’ve got mail was filmed
26. the enchanted forest (best toy store /stuffed animal/and random adult stuff store... off prince street)
27. lotus (its not cool anymore but i’ve been partying there since high school.. its like my childhood)
28. cobble stone streets that make late night partying a death trap for girls in heels when it snows, but reminds you how old the city is and unimportnat you are
29. the fact that you can always pick up a stretch limo if your heart desired
30. fish bowls at brother jimmys
31. times square, its not just for tourists (espn zone!)
32. the europeans that play soccer or “football” in the park
33. stone st. where wall street comes to get drunk (ulysses bar)
34. the apple store (best place to pick up a guy)
35. ludlow street (its not trendy anymore but its still fun)
36. make your own salad places
37. the subway (more efficient than any other city!)
38. metro card (same price no matter where you go... in sydney not so much)
39. out door playgrounds (for all ages and all times of day/night)
40. sex and the city
41. the knicks
42. devachan salon
43. roof top bars
44. jury duty is more like networking and mingling
45. you can get froz fruits everywhere
46. out door basketball courts
47. central park zoo (you can never stare at polar bears for too long)
48. levis stores
49. endless places to get pitchers of margharitas or sangriha
50. bowling downtown (a little touch of suburbia)
51. construction workers
52. people go clubbing on a monday or tuesday
53. horseback riding in central park
54. the guy who plays rock music and pink floyd’s money on wall street
55. famous people are jealous of native new yorkers
56. that chinese place that serves endless wine
57. sunday brunch
58. running around the resevoir
59. wonderful chicken noodle soup at bergdorfs little cafe (who knew?)
60. 24 hour diners
61. live theater
62. simones (best leechee martini you will ever find!)
63. crashing company cocktail hours at various places
64. kevin bacon and woody allen
65. gossip girls is kinda accurate (upper west side private schools aren’t any different)
66. lit up trees, rockafeller tree, lit up snowflakes on light posts
67. tennis in central park
68. south street seaport restaurants overlooking the brooklyn bridge
69. polo matches in the summer (hamptons)
70. all the cool hotels that keep things fresh (new blood, great bars... hudson hotel, bowery, w)

The only thing I really hate
1. the naked guys standing outside of abercrombie on 5th Ave who are paid to hit on you (its uncomfortable for everyone involved)”
-Alison Zimmermann

95. “I love New York because the anonymity is thrilling. It’s truly incredible to walk these streets, teeming with life and culture and richness and beauty, and know that no one knows or cares who I am, where I have come from, or where I am going. I love to wander for hours in the East Village, winding between 1st, Ave A and Ave B, looking into each tiny little intimate restaurant, not knowing or caring who is inside, but envying their intimacy all the same. I love leaving work and walking a new route home every single day. I love that my coffee cart guys see me across the street, know my order, and have it ready for me for $1 by the time I get there. I love that the subway can be absolutely packed to the brim during the morning commute, yet it’s so quiet that you can actually hear people flipping the pages of their books. I love that no matter how many people do it, it still feels special to do touristy things, like ice skate in Rockefeller Center, or tour Ellis Island, or take a hop-on hop-off bus, or get a hot dog from a vendor. I love that even though I curse not being able to commute in a car every time it rains, that nothing would ever truly make me leave this place. I love flying back into the city after traveling and still getting that excited flutter in my stomach seeing the skyline. I’m obsessed. :)”
- Jenny Heisler

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