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Reasons to Love New York

Your Reasons


96. “I love New York because of 24 hour transportation. Living in London and Los Angeles makes you appreciate the MTA a whole lot more.”
-Elizabeth Ozemebhoy

97. “When people at work ask me where I went for vacation, my answer is always, “Central Park.” When I take a week off from work, I try to spend a part of every day in the park, whatever the season (my favorite is the cold of winter). I never, ever get tired of it... the trees; the sights; the skating rink; the energy of the runners; overheard snippets of conversations (in every language); the nannies with their charges; the tourists with their maps; the bicyclists (I got run over by one once but it never dampened my love for the park); coffee and a bagel for breakfast in the Boathouse; the reservoir; the carousel; Bethesda Fountain; eating a pretzel (with mustard) while sitting on a bench and watching people go by. I absolutely LOVE it.’s all FREE!”
- Joan Roth

98. “Because people actually feel sorry for you if you own a car. Because every New Yorker hates LA, even the ones who have never left New York. Because you’ve flown out to California more times than you’ve left Manhattan. Because one of the four times you’ve left Manhattan was because you fell asleep on the subway and ended up in Brooklyn. Because some people’s dogs have a fancier wardrobe than you. Because tourists probably know more about New York than you. Because despite people complaining about the frigid winters and sweltering summers, inherent to the city’s spirit is its four-season cycle of life. Because the official sign of the arrival of spring is when restaurants begin spilling out onto the sidewalks. Because we avoid Time Square at all cost, while the rest of the world dreams of seeing it just once. Because the ultimate sign of chivalry is when a guy looks out for stiletto-heel-gobbling grates for a girl to avoid while walking down the perilous city streets. Because a 5-course meal from a local Chinese restaurant costs less than buying basic ingredients for a sandwich. Because of how proud New Yorkers are of their neighborhoods. Even midtown New Yorkers. Because people can tell you’re not from New York simply because you smile a lot. Because you never really have to go anywhere to visit friends. They all end up in New York sometime during the year. Because it’s possible that Saint Patrick’s Cathedral is actually your local church, and the MOMA is your neighborhood gallery. Because of holiday windows during the Christmas season. Because as annoying as hordes of tourists on Fifth Avenue are during the holiday season - it reminds you that you used to be one too. Because you can drop $1695 on a snakeskin handbag at Barneys and still feel okay about haggling over a $4 pair of gloves in Chinatown. Because there are hidden gems and treasured moments around every corner - you just have to find them.”
- Jen Hsiao

99. “I can see an Indie rock show at the Bowery Ballroom on Friday. I see a Next Wave show at BAM on Saturday and go to the Giants football game on Sunday and stop off at a pub on Eighth Avenue where people know me on the way home for a bite to eat.”
- wexy

100. “I love New York because you can stay out all night and come home when people are starting their morning commute. Or you can work really late and come home while people are heading out for the night, no matter what time it is. I love New York because you can do anything, anytime and there is always someone doing it with you.”

101. “I heart NYC b.c. it’s the greatest COUNTRY in the world!!!”
- Cr8URF8

102. “I love New York because retirement is exciting here. At the same time, I enjoy a calm, small-town feel (I was raised in one) here on the upper West side because most of the necessities are within walking distance and your flower man at the deli, your building staff, your pharmacist, your dry-cleaner all recognize you as someone from the neighborhood. Here are four other, major reasons I love New York. Singing: I’m a pretty good amateur jazz singer and there is a wonderful, albeit small, community of open mic singers for whom Trudi Mann’s, Cleopatra’s Needle and the Lenox Lounge are the perfect trifecta on Sundays. Also Arturo’s any night but Wednesday and Barry Harris’s on Tuesdays draw genuine, sophisticated talent every week. This is the city to learn in by listening to singers and instrumentalists of all musical tastes all over town. Also, by studying with and getting to know the city’s many bright, talented vocal and performance teachers who teach independently or at such schools as Singers Forum on 24th Street and The Lucy Moses School near Lincoln Center. The Hudson: I live near Riverside Park and nearly every day can be found on the river’s walkways in the spring, summer, fall. After an hour or so of walking or running, a charming umbrella’d cafe awaits tucked away under the West Side Highway near 70th Street where you can read (or memorize lyrics) all day, undisturbed. The hum of the cars becomes white noise. The sandwiches, hot dogs and salads are good and there is dynamite sangria. Niko’s: The Greek neighborhood cafe on 77th Street and Broadway, where Niko himself, also owner of the pizza joint down the block, can be found around lunchtime. It’s a welcoming place, moderately priced, where you can eat a health-freak salad or a whole baked fish and while away time when you have nowhere to rush off to. Bliss! Iyengar Yoga: Ok, yoga’s everywhere, I know, but Iyengar yoga, when well-taught, reintroduces you to your grateful body. It’s a life-changer, a battery recharger. The focus is on placement and form which, I’ve been told, makes it a perfect yoga for anal-retentives. No, I don’t want to tell you where I take it or the name of my teacher. Her class gets crowded enough!”
-Margaret ‘Maggie’ Malone

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