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Reasons to Love New York

Your Reasons


103. “1. I love New York coz it has Stuyvent Duuyveil in Williamsburg, the place with multitudes of great beers. And where you can easily meet new people and mingle. The atmosphere is laid back and chilled, where you can sit alone without feeling awkward.
2. I love New York coz everybody smokes weed.
3. I love New York because each street shows different sceneries.
4. I love New York because I can pick different gourmet restaurants 365 days an year.
5. I love New York because I can tell people I am from New York.
6. I love New York because everyone finds their identity here.
7. I love New York because you might run into one person, and life changes completely.
8. I love New York because money can buy anything.
9. I love New York because you can run into some European hotties.
10. I love New York because I can never forget the time while I was there. Now my life plan centers on how to stay there forever. ( I am an Alien.)
dang my eyes r teary now...”
-Elaine Hsieh

104. “The uber stench from the sidewalk garbage during the summer.”
- Susan Petrie-Badertscher

105.“The metal straws shaped like shovels at Milk & Honey. Both efficient AND freezing.”
-Lindsay Conwell

106. “Because I’ll trek 30 blocks to go to Intermix for clothing I can’t afford but I’ll have my groceries delivered from the Food Emporium 3 blocks away. Because Umi sushi has the best avocado rolls in New York and I have absolutely no problem dishing out 20% of my salary to have them five nights a week. Because thankfully, Gossip Girl is bullshit. No way would an entire private high school ever be that eloquently suave or perfectly coiffed, regardless of their parents’ income. And speaking of parents, where exactly is Rufus’ expansive loft supposedly located - because unless it’s in Long Island City, there’s no way his starving-artist ass is affording that shiz.”
-Jessica Hyman

107. “I love New York because at the breakfast cart outside my office Tony knows that every morning I get two eggs with cheese on a roll - no salt, no pepper, no bag. There’s no need to even place the order; it’s already ready by the time I get to the front of the line.”
- Kira R. Rosoff

108. “Because when your boyfriend breaks up with you at 2am on a Tuesday night, you can always find a bar that is full of hot people with a bartender that will feed you shots and a cute boys that you can make out with.”

109. “I love New York because it loves me back.”
- Carrie Henderson

110. “In no other city in the world does the average citizen
a) read food blogs regularly
b) know the names of every chef in their neighborhood and borough
c) make bets on the rating any given critic is going to give any given restauarant
d) celebrate holiday weekends by making easy reservations at normally packed restaurants
... I could go on...”
-Ann Goldenberg

111. “it’s the only major US city where it’s a thousand times easier to be ‘green’ (walk, bike, take mass transit) than pollute (drive a car).”
-Hilary Semel

112. “Because I can have a better conversation with a random person on the subway than someone I went to high school with!”

113.“Hmm I love to hate NY. Is that the same thing?”

114. “Love New York because I don’t know how to drive. I’m sitting in my dorm room in Maine (a mere 20 degrees out) and the only way to a coffee after 11 is a 20 minute walk through the frozen deep…”

115. “This city is where people come to get decked out and dance with strangers, to get dream jobs on Broadway, to get wasted at athletic events, to eat food from all over the world, to see the best stop of every concert tour in existence live, to see the events unfold firsthand that the rest of the world gets up-to-the-minute updates on, and most importantly, this is the city where people come who are too ambitious, too excited, too hungry, too fun, too outrageous, and too certain of what they want, to live ANYWHERE else. This is the only city in the world where people admire you for just being able to keep up. It’s the most glorious, wonderful city in the world and I hope to never leave it.”

116. “I love New York because everybody bitches about everything being a bitch.”

117. “I love New York City because no matter what place I visit outside NYC, I’m always happy to return.”

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