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Reasons to Love New York

Your Reasons


118. “Because NYC is just naturally the greatest damn place in the world. The energy, the feel, the people, the intensity, the transplants…everyone fighting to define themselves in a vibrant, diverse space. And the restaurants and food flat out ROCK!”

119. “I love NY because I have the city to keep me occupied and busy and I have the rest of the state to escape the hustle and bustle.”

120. “Because we are among the few who know there really is no such thing as urban isolation.”

121. “Sabretts—of course!”

122. “My family (UES, UWS, Downtown), my work, my friends, my culture, my history, my sanity, my insanity. NYC is my space.”

123. “Because we say ‘the City’ and expect everyone in the U.S. to know that means Manhattan.”

124. “Because even in a city of 10 million people you can still feel like the only person on the planet, walking through Times Square while the snow is starting to fall.”

125. “I am a New Yorker, and I love it because everyone here has a story. A story of whey they’re here, where they’re from, what they do, who or what they’ve seen! As long as you keep your ears open, you can learn just about anything about anyone.”

126. “I love New York because nothing humbles you like a ride on the subway, where we all become equals trying to scramble for a seat and where we are all equally frustrated when it’s wall-to-wall crowded/stinky/delayed.”

127. “Because no matter how filthy, rich, or bitchy New York gets, once you’ve tasted it your only regret will be if you’ve left.”

128. “I love New York because I love being miserable, and there is no more miserable a place in the world.”

129. “In New York you can get whatever you want, whenever you want it, plus the fact that this is the only place you can find cuisines from all over the world that you are only limited to how much you can eat.”

130. “I love New York because even after 9/11 I stayed. When my parents separated, divorced, remarried, and hightailed it to Florida, I stayed…and when I realized how hard it would be on my own after making my first rent and student loan payment…well I moved to Brooklyn where it’s relatively cheaper rent…but damn it I stayed!”

131. “I met my Parisian boyfriend in front of my apartment on 14th Street and Ninth Avenue at 4:00 in the morning on a Saturday. I was coming home from a night at two clubs with a finale at the hotdog stand. He was looking for the direction of the 1 and 9 trains after a night out with the people he was interning with. This was over two years ago and we’ve been together ever since.”
-Jacklyn Sinagra

132. “Because not only are there hundreds of things you can get out of this city, there are hundreds of ways you can give back.”
-Georgia Jones

133. “I love New York because it’s the only city where a girl needs to adjust the length of her step. Otherwise, her stiletto heel inevitably gets stuck in a pavement crack, which seems to be of perfect width! It’s a guaranteed laugh for both her and the passers-by!”
-Marina Snetkova

134. “There’s a great beach in every borough!”

135. “I actually live in Portland, Maine. My girlfriend and I are 99 percent sure we will be moving to the city once she graduates this May. Meanwhile, we visit on a shoestring budget at least 2 trips a year. I love New York for reasons that are beyond me and that I will try to understand. Before we decided to move there, New York was on my mind everyday. Now that we’re moving, I think about how I will live there. I believe there are some practical reasons why I love it, and some other deep down reasons. Practical reasons: The music (John Zorn’s the Stone and all of the great musicians that are a part of that scene such as Marc Ribot) compared to Portland, Maine, the options are endless. All styles, any day. The Art: As a painter, New York is obviously one of the best places in the world to see the best art in the world. Great museums, galleries, artists, opportunities and performances. Food: In Park Slope there is a nice diner that gives you good portions for cheap. Nice owner too. People say New York is more expensive but I think it depends where you go. Also the Polish restaurant on the Lower East Side close to the movie theater. Also the history, size, location to other cities and states. People dress great, there are different types of people from different parts in the world. Deep down reasons: When I was young I loved Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Statue of Liberty, Titanic (they almost made it there), Skyscrapers. I love the magic, the mystery, the intensity, the options and the future.”
-Taylor Franklin

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