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Reasons to Love New York

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136. “I love New York because I live around the corner from Whole Foods Chelsea, which is by far the very best place to spot my reality-TV faves (like past Project Runway designers and a slew of America’s Next Top Model judges) shopping for matzo ball soup and organic cheese.”
-Stephanie Tannenholtz

137. “I loved NYC for so many reasons: the people, the neighborhoods, the buzz, the freedom but what I think I love the most is that in NY you can really dream. You can be anything you have every aspired to be in NYC! If you want to be a movie star, it can happen here! If you want to be a designer, it’s at your fingertips! If you want to make millions by the time you’re 30, Wall Street is right down the road. IF you want to be a Nanny to the Stars, sign yourself up! Anything and everything you could ever dream of being can happen here in NY, the possibilities are endless and if you have the balls to move here then you have the balls to become [insert DREAM here]. (The only thing I could think of that you couldn’t be is a a farmer, hell, they are doing some farming greenhouse style in Hudson River Park, so damn! You can do that too.) You can never find that in Podunk Pennsylvania, never, the opportunities just aren’t there. NYC is so liberating especially when you come from small town nowhere. Be free!”

138. “I love New York because I don’t have to feel bad about being bitchy or rude on the street…people expect it here. I love New York because there are tons of other successful, attractive women who are single here…so it’s not just me. I love New York because at night, the lights of the city are mesmerizing. I love New York because I don’t have to own a car. I love New York because non-New Yorkers assume your life is fabulous just by living here.”

139. “I was born and raised in London, where I also live, but simply put, I love New York. It’s a constant, near-obsessive love that endures over the years and the thousands of miles. A passion that flickered from seeing the city in movies was ignited for real on my first visit at 17. I’d never seen anywhere as big, as bold or as brash and I was hooked. Ten years later and it’s still the place I long to call home. I love New York because, the moment you touch down, I feel a part of it; it has a core vibrancy unlike anywhere else I’ve ever been. I may have to ensure the horrors of being a tourist and not a native, but my love for and loyalty to the Big Apple is without question—born not of a favourite bar or corner store or restaurant I’ve been frequenting since childhood but of a genuine, gut-wrenching connection that I still can’t logically explain. Cheese, maybe, but it sure as hell is the truth!”
-Nikki Baughan

140. “I love walking in the streets of New York being surrounded by many different odors that can be as disgusting as pleasant…I feel like I’m in Suskin’s Book The Perfume. I love New York because we are always bumping into people we couldn’t meet nowhere else but in comics. I love New York because there is sooooo much shopping. I love seeing people during the summer in Bryant Park tanning their bodies and really believing they’re at the beach. I love the tiny seats we can sit on outside of bakeries and restaurants. I love running on the bank of Hudson. I love the cookie dough I eat passionately in my Coldstone ice cream. I love waiting 20 minutes to get a cab during rush hour. I love walking randomly and finding artists doing promotional showcases. I love the paradoxes of New York. I’m in love with New York. I dream of her…when someone talks about her, I feel melancholy, I’m sad because I’m far from here…”
-Aisyah Pane

141. “My boyfriend Christian and I (both Manhattan residents) spontaneously checked into the Chelsea Hotel to relive some Leonard Cohen dreams this fall…to contribute ourselves to the history of New York as it can be remembered best. Bohemian dreams, music, love and freedom. Timeless.”
-Phoebe Johnson

142. “I’m currently in graduate school in Paris. I have been all over and can’t get a decent bagel! When I’m home for Christmas break I’m having a friend meet me at JFK with a bagel from Court Street Bagels…c’est magnifique!”
-Gigi Silberman

143. “Because no one makes fun of you for having an old-lady shopping cart. Because the art of shoe cobblery is alive and well throughout the city. Because only in New York City does a ‘regular coffee’ equal a coffee with milk and two sugars. Because the subway runs 24 hours a day, allowing you to be both poor and drunk at the same time. Because NY Post headlines are poetry (examples: ‘Axis of Weasels’; ‘Puff Baddy’). Because no matter how long you’ve lived here, there is always a new neighborhood to explore. Because NYC Metro TV is highly addictive. Because 24-hour Duane Reade on 86th Street in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn has saved my life on many occasions.”
-Indira Xiomara Goris

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