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24. Because Our Schoolteachers Are Such Prim Homebodies…


Katie Halper
Age: 27
School:The Dalton School, Manhattan.
Subject: World History II (post ­French Revolution to 9/11), grade 10.
Other life: Political comedian.
Next gig: Laughing Liberally (Dec. 16) and Ha-Ha-Hannukah (Dec. 23) at The Tank.
Persona: Stephen Colbert crossed with Sarah Silverman. "I pretend to have outrageous and offensive opinions because I am mocking those opinions."
For instance: "People who know me as a comic assume that I must teach at an alternative high school for homeless transgender amputees."
Teaching funny: "When you're talking about colonialism or imperialism or fascism, there is a lot of opportunity for humor. Not 'A Nazi walked into a bar' but . . ."


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