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Reasons to Love New York 2010


It’s been a rough couple of years, for sure. For many of us, New Yorkers, Americans—heck, citizens of any part of the world—the twinkling year-end holiday season is as contingent as it has ever been, our joys tempered by perhaps only slowly improving circumstances. (Though don’t tell that to Wall Street, which is doing just fine again, thank you.) And yet this city, with its jostling can-do dreamers, is where the future is always made. read more [+]
BloombergOur Mayor Knows What He Thinks
Sometimes he’s even right.
10021Pluralism Is Our Fundamentalism
Meet the religious leaders who unambiguously defended Park51.
SupremesThere Are Three Women on the Supreme Court
And all of them are from here.
SpitzerWe’re Steamrollers
Q&A with Eliot Spitzer.
Elaine'sWe Revere Our Jewish Mothers
Woody Allen on Elaine’s in the seventies.
McMillanJimmy Finally Said It
The rent is too damn high!
FilmmakersWe Have Best Young Filmmakers
These nine directors wouldn’t shoot anywhere else.
ClintonsThe Clintons Live Here
Where else would America's royal family be?
ManningWe Finally Have Two Star Quarterbacks
Manning and Sanchez have already had more than a year’s worth of highlights.
MoMAWe Have a Roomful of Rothkos ...
Followed by one of Pollocks, followed by ...
Pianos60 Pianos Magically Appeared
They showed up on June 21, with an invitation: PLAY ME, I’M YOURS.
BK/QueensWe Have the Most Diverse Counties
Brooklyn and Queens are competing to be the most diverse in America.


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