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30-38. Because the Best Young Filmmakers Wouldn’t Shoot Anywhere Else


7. LENA DUNHAM Tiny Furniture
Neighborhood: Tribeca

Best thing about working here: “The architecture is incredibly cinematic. I spend a lot of time—especially at night—walking down the street looking up into apartment-building windows and trying to imagine who lives there and what they’re doing. I’ve been doing it since I was a kid.”
Favorite New York moment on film: “This is a trite one, but I really love the Annie Hall scene at the New Yorker Theater with Marshall McLuhan when he says, ‘You know nothing of my work!’ Just that New York talk-to-each-other-in-the-line culture. The scene in Tiny Furniture in front of Film Forum is totally a reference to that.”

Daddy Longlegs
Neighborhood: JOSH: Lower East Side
BENNY: Chinatown

Best thing about working here: JOSH: “Being inspired by all the demented, twisted people that choose to live on top of each other in tiny little spaces.”
BENNY: “Whoever walks by your frame when you’re shooting, you could follow them and make an entire movie about that person.”
Favorite New York moment on film: JOSH: “In Broadway Danny Rose, there’s one scene where they’re in Times Square, and it’s 1984—at the tail end of what Times Square used to be—and they’re walking through sleaze. They just look like two people getting somewhere.”
BENNY: “A misconception is that something is always happening in New York, but really, everyone is just in their own world, trying to get from one place to another at the same time.”


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