September 20, 2001
Anonymous, Washington D.C.

For all the mess here, NYC is worse, much worse. 250 floors of bldg are lying in rubble at the bottom of Manhattan. I just can't believe that! As the towers fell, people watching from the street, all in spontaneous unison, raised their hands to try and hold them aloft. It was too horrible to believe.

I, like all New Yorkers, feel some ownership of those towers. I watched them go up in 1970. I walked along the 85th floor before the building was opened, the windows were not even in place. I don't even know how I got up there but I had terrific views over the City and New Jersey. My brother used to work there, my niece lives 2 miles North (she was in Queens at the time and still can't get home).

I still can't believe all the damage, I feel so helpless and I still can't focus at work and so therefore, you all get to read my ruminations. I want to visit my sister in NY this weekend. Maybe that's not a good idea (for lots of reasons) but I need to see her and I need to see NYC. It's all very confusing to me and to us all. We are at war and we don't know yet against whom!