September 20, 2001
Susan K. Halloway, Manhattan

To ALL our rescue workers...every New Yorker, indeed, every American wants to be able to do something to help, but not all of us can. Some because they are grieving, some because they are disabled, some because there are simply too many volunteers already and some because they work to bring this city and the country back to life.

The ones who can't, they give blood, money, or supplies. And some simply applaud you as make your way back and forth. But what you do, you do on our behalf. You put yourselves in the gravest danger, not only for your own that are among the fallen, but for all those who are gone from us. Even those who have not lost someone close to them have lost something deep inside.

Know that every New Yorker would be there beside you if we could. We cannot imagine the horror that you are seeing every minute. We are horrified by what we have seen, but cannot begin to fathom what the reality of being there is. Yet you press on, through your own pain, exhaustion and even injury.

So know this, the flags on our cars, and the red, white and blue ribbons on our lapels are not only a symbol of our love and faith in America, but they are a way to show our gratitude to you. A way to stand beside you. And we intend to be there for the duration for you, because we know that you are there for the duration for us.

I truly believe that it is the strength and resilience of all the men and women who resolved not to fold in the face of unspeakable evil that have given New Yorkers and Americans the strength to pick up the pieces and show them that they cannot beat us. We are stronger than we have ever been. We stand together as a city and as a nation to show them that we will bend, but will not break.