September 13, 2001
Marilyn, New Zealand

The terrorist attacks on New York and Washington started about 1:00am (New Zealand time). I first heard the terrible news at about 6:15am. I was dropping my husband off at a friends house for a day's fishing. His friend's wife, Trudi, was running around outside in her pajamas obiviously upset and agitated, urging her husband Charlie back to bed because he couldn't possibly go fishing when the world was going to end. I recall I was chuckling and smiling at Trudi's antics waiting for Charlie to drop the punchline. When Charlie told us "She's not joking, mate. The States was bombed this morning.", my smile froze.

I left, climbed back in my car, tuned in my car radio to the news and made my way back home. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, it couldn't possibly be true. It was such a beautiful morning here. The birds were singing the sun was shinning the sea was calm. How could these things be, if the entire fabric of our world had been damaged so traumatically?

After returning home and being confronted with the images on CNN, I wept. .I wept for the people who were dead and dying, I wept for the United States as a whole and the sheer terror that they have to deal with. I wept for the world and humanity because it has been irreversably altered. I also wept for my family and myself because the security of our daily lives that we take for granted has been stolen from us with this horrific act of terrorism.

Here in New Zealand we think of the United States of America as parent figure to ourselves and the whole free world . Any strike against America is a strike against all of us. In closing, my family and I extend our deepest sympathies to the families of the victims of this horrible crime. Our prayers are with you all. God be with and protect you.