September 14, 2001
Jonelle Hawkins, Manhattan

I still can't sleep. Tomorrow I'll try a sleeping pill. I turn on the TV to hear a newscaster commenting on how generous New York City has been. A firefighter is being interviewed and he's saying the generosity and support of New Yorkers is the only thing keeping him going since they haven't found a survivor in two days.

Someone else is saying how surprising it is that they've had so many donations. I realize that this is the only piece of news that hasn't shocked me this week. I am not surprised to hear how wonderful and supportive New Yorkers have been, because I've seen that generosity and caring. If there's one thing we have in New York its passion. We are passionate about our city and we love our way of life. We live here for our way of life and we're not going to let anyone take it away.