September 17, 2001
Tracie Knapp, Memphis, TN

Why am I still crying? Why am I upset? This attack on our nation took no one I knew, but every one around me is so dazed and confused. This event was not against a single person, it was against our nation as a whole. It took so many lives, we may never know. We will always be the county of the land and the free, this is one thing that no one can take away. Others will still come for freedom and wealth, for our country will still help those wanting help. I am grateful for the living that this tragedy has spared. The few fortunate to tell their stories, so maybe the nightmares may end. The hero's working day and night as we go about our days, they are doing their jobs the best that they can, The only way they know how to try and go on Is a strength I may never know. I am so mad that we can be so vulnerable, that we can be so naive To think because we are America, that most will run and not attack our county. We will see more blood shed to the innocent and young, I just hope and pray that our world leaders are doing the right thing. Can we single out the one? The terrorist or group? I pray to the One that knows our fate, that He guides us in the right direction To forgive and not hate.