September 23, 2001
Anonymous, Toledo, Ohio

I was at work when my husband called and told me that a plane had just crashed into the WTC. I was wrapped up in my work, only half paying attention, so I asked what he was talking about. He explained what had happened. As he was explaining, he yelled, "Oh my god, another plane hit the other tower".

Most of the day is a complete blur to me. As I am sure it is to many others. I remember one of my co workers leaning over and saying, "my god, all of those people.....". And I burst into tears. I left the room and tried to contact a very good friend who lives in the East Village. Of course, I coudn't get through. I sent him an email. No reply. I tried contacting my friends in Alexandria, VA. No contact there either. I remember thinking that I should try to get some work done. But, each time I tried, I ended up drifting and walked back into the conference room. I stayed there, sitting on the floor with my hand over my mouth, until 2pm. I decided that maybe I would feel better if I went home and spent time with my husband. I came home, spent the rest of the day on the couch....I was glued to the TV. I finally got through to my friend in the village, got his machine. I was so happy and shocked to hear his voice on the machine, that I burst into tears again. I am sure my message was hardly audiable. Thankfully, he phoned back around 5pm. He was ok, terrified, but ok. His friends were ok.

After I hung up, I was sobbing so hysterically that my husband thought something had happened to our friend. I said, no honey, he's ok and that's why I am crying. Shortly after, I got in contact with my friends from VA. They were ok. Shook up, but ok and said they would call later as they did not want to tie up the lines.

Only a few days have passed where I have not shed tears for all of the families who lost loved ones. For all of the New Yorkers. The city I love so much. Be strong. Be love. Be New Yorkers. My love and thoughts are with each of you. . .