September 11, 2001
Connie Wong, Hawaii

The Act of War

The act of war that cut us to the core of our freedom
As our hearts are torn apart by grief and sorrow from loss
The unbelievable devastation and destruction
Leaving us with the pain and anger that follows
I am but one lowly person. Can I make a difference?
Will my little pint of blood help one who has lost quarts?
Yes, because my little pint will be multiplied by thousands
As Americans from across the nation donate with compassion
To help those in need survive this grievous attack on America As we gather in unity as one strong force to be reckoned with
We ban together not as individual races, but as Americans
Proud and free and ready to fight in the face of terrorism
With an unmatched love for our country we are
Guided by divine spirit, and lead by our ideals that have made
This country the most mighty and greatest nation in the world
God Bless America, our wonderful peace loving home!

I am a United Airlines flight attendant based in Hawaii. I have flown for 32 years. We have all been touched by this sorrow.