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We recently asked New York Metro users to tell us about their experiences on September 11 and over the past year. How anxious are New Yorkers now as opposed to a year ago? What are our most vivid memories of that day? How concerned are we about a follow-up attack, our jobs, our civil liberties?

Our informal survey* garnered more than 1,500 responses, 70 percent of which were from people living in the New York metro region.
Where were you when you heard about the attacks? Response Ratio
At work 34%
At home 32%
On my way to work 15%
At school 5%
Other 14%
TOTAL 100%

79% of the people surveyed knew someone who died in the attack or know someone who lost a friend, loved one or acquaintance.

13% of those surveyed said they lost a friend or loved one.

Did you know anyone who died in the attacks on the World Trade Center? Response Ratio
No 21%
No, but I know someone who did 49%
Yes, an acquaintance 20%
Yes, a co-worker 4%
Yes, a friend 10%
Yes, a family member or loved one 3%
TOTAL 100%

" I could not believe it could have been intentional. I even went to work."

What did you do that day? Response Ratio
Watched TV 92%
Called friends or family 86%
Went to work 40%
Tried to locate missing friends or family 37%
Tried to give blood but failed 21%
Lit a candle in remembrance 19%
Went out to dinner 9%
Went to a bar 9%
Tried to get down to Ground Zero 4%
Gave blood 2%

34% of people surveyed in the New York metro area stayed at work for most or all of the day on September 11.

When did New York metro residents first go see Ground Zero? This is what they said. Response Ratio
September 2001 25%
October 2001 14%
November 2001 8%
December 2001 5%
January to March 2002 9%
April to August 2002 12%
Haven't visited 27%


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*During a two-week period during August 2002, New York Metro readers were prompted to fill out an optional survey of approximately 30 questions about their experiences on -- and after -- September 11. This survey was not scientific. It reflected the opinions of only those Internet users who chose to participate. Results should not be assumed to represent the opinions and experiences of Internet users or New Yorkers as a whole. New York Metro did not attempt to verify responses. In some instances, readers took the survey more than once.