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(1st of 2 pages of reactions)

I truly thought that the whole thing was a freak accident, even after the second plane hit Tower 2. I never thought for once during those first few minutes that someone would be able to accomplish such an act. Anonymous, Brooklyn

The second I looked up saw the gaping hole in the side of the north Tower, I doubled over in agony and said out loud to myself, "They've finally done it." I raced over to the phone, trembling, to call my husband, who had just arrived at work uptown, and I began screaming to him over the phone..."Did you see...did you see what happened?...there's a hole in 'our' corner of the Tower!" (this was the corner that faced our apartment). He was trying to calm me down, saying he heard something about a plane 'clipping' the building. I screamed at him that this was no accident...again he was trying to calm me down and said he'd call me right back. About 5 minutes later, he called back and I was still flipping out...again, he reassured me, everything was okay...when the second identical explosion was heard and that huge fireball... and I said, ..."Oh My God..." Rhe D., Manhattan

I thought the newscaster was reviewing a new movie. I couldn't believe it was real. Patricia M., outside the NYC area

People at work were joking about how dumb a pilot would have to be not to see such a huge building. Anonymous, Manhattan

As I watched the first tower burn from 24th Street & Madison on the 28th floor, a colleague said, " Looks like that other plane is going to fly into the other tower." I said, " No way because that would mean that the first one was no accident." My co-worker fell to his knees in front of the window as we watched the plane hit the second and I began to cry. Anonymous, Manhattan

There was no question in my mind but that it was terrorism. Linda A., outside the metro NYC area

Freaked out crying. Nia, outside the metro NYC area

Stunned disbelief; I work on 6th ave and from the office could see the burning building; my next reaction was how the hell do I get to my kids at school in Queens. That panic still makes me cry. Deborah R., Queens

I thought, "There will be 40,000 dead. This is the third world war; I will actually live the third world war..." Pascal, outside the metro NYC area

I heard speculation that JFK air traffic control had broken down - feared many planes hitting. Quickly realised it was terrorism and, because I work in a high-profile, tall building, got out ASAP. Michele, Manhattan

It was described by my teacher as "something has crashed into the World Trade Center" so our class thought it was a car, or a meteor, we never expected it was a plane. Mia, Queens

After the first plane hit, I assumed it was a drunk pilot. I didn't even think about the people at the time -- I just remember saying "what a frigging idiot!" Then, when the second plane came, I knew. Wendy E., outside the metro NYC area

At first I thought it was a radio station prank of very bad taste, so I started to switch stations then I realized that we were being attacked. Anonymous, the Bronx

I work on a trading floor so our TVs are always on. I was just walking back from getting a cup of coffee and wondered why the guys had put on a movie. I was like, put on CNBC, the guys yelled back, "that is CNBC. One of twin towers have been hit." I was like, "wow, what a horrible accident". I'll never forget Barry telling me, "baby, that's a no fly zone area ... that was no accident." As he's finishing his sentence, the second plane hits. Alexandra A., Manhattan