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(4th of 5 pages of memories)


I really remember it was my first 'free' period of high school - I was in the library and I started to do some homework then I heard what happened or walking around during my lunch period comforting people and then that night sitting on-line IM'ing my friends saying, 'Hey - is your family okay?' even to people I hardly ever spoke to just to make sure - then going to my church and lighting a candle. Mary, New York Metro area

The sound of my neighbor falling on our front door, pounding her fists, and screaming for my partner and I to grab our cat and run. Lisa, Manhattan

I was working from home and was engaged on a conference call with my London office. I recall most vividly colleagues screaming 'Where are you?' over the conference phone until I reassured them that I was not in the office (at 130 Liberty).

Running through the streets to get to my friends house in the city (I live in Brooklyn & couldn't get home) As we headed down 5th Ave., people started running out of Grand Central, everyone was screaming that there was a bomb & to run -- it was pure pandemonium. Ashley, Brooklyn

My office people screaming and trying to make the phones work.... walking 25 blocks in stilettos (since it was fashion week) to find my dog who was staying with friends and then 36 more blocks to my parents house on the upper east side. Andrea, Manhattan

Seeing the first tower fall from our office window. I actually left to throw up. I was hyperventilating. I was so overcome, totally freaked out. Other people in the room where screaming for their loved ones, holding on to each other and watching the smoke, listening to the radio. Shari, Queens

I live in Brooklyn Heights and went to the promenade with some friends and there was debris flying across the water and a piece of paper fell at my feet that I picked up, it was some type Standard and Poors analysis sheet that was yellowed and singed on the ends. Anonymous, Brooklyn

Katie Couric's tiny scream. I sometimes think, 'Was that Katie? Or was it me?' That, and how slowly time seemed to pass. The longest most horrible day ever. Anonymous, Brooklyn

How beautiful the weather clear the sky normal and abnormal everything seemed at the same time...we live in Brooklyn and went to Fort Greene Park where others were gathering in silence, watching the plume of black smoke come across the river...a little boy behind us, must have been around 4 or so, tugged on his dad's pants and said, "daddy, after the tragedy can we go get some ice cream?" Laureen, Brooklyn

Watching the towers crumble with my colleagues in our Midtown office, while one of them knew his wife was on the top floors of one of the towers.

Walking home, uptown, with thousands of other people.

Calling my mother in Italy and telling her what happened and hearing her scream on the other end of the line. And then, the evening, walking around the Upper West Side where NO ONE was on the street, no cars, no people, no one. Luisa, Manhattan