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(5th of 5 pages of memories)

Having the National Guard escort me
back to my apartment in lower Manhattan. Heather, Manhattan

A river of thousands and thousands of New Yorkers
moving uptown silently on what was surely the most beautiful day that ever existed. Chris, Brooklyn

The shock of seeing tiny bodies jump out. The whoosh sound and the sheer disbelief to see the first tower fall, and the tears and screams as the second tower collapsed, with the thought that ohmygod, thousands have just perished at this very moment. I could not sleep well for nearly 3 whole months. Raghu, New York Metro area

Looking out the window of a conference room in my office building on 23rd street, and watching the towers disappear downward into a haze of smoke. Jeanette, Manhattan

One is a bicycle messenger riding down west 4th street screaming, 'The Pentagon's been hit too, the Pentagon's been hit too!'

I also witnessed the second tower collapse--it happend in slow motion and I don't remember it making a sound. Matthew, Manhattan

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