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September 11, 2001

An archive of articles related to the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York

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Photo: Najilah Feanny/Corbis


What If 9/11 Never Happened?

As a way of marking the fifth anniversary of 9/11, weíve attempted to answer this question. New York would, no doubt, be a different place if 9/11 hadnít happened. But would it be better? Iím not so sure.

The Survivorsí Circle

Some 18,000 people showed up to work at the towers on September 11, 2001; almost 3,000 died. Eight who were there meet and compare lives.

Out of the Ashes

Nine artifacts —a wallet, an ID card, a jet fuselage, among them—from the ruins of the World Trade Center.


Is 9/11 Making Us Sick?

Three years after the World Trade Center attacks, thousands of cops, firefighters, and people who worked and lived near ground zero are sick with respiratory problems. Some have cancer. Is 9/11 to blame? And how safe are the rest of us?


September 11 Miracle Survivors

In Stairwell B of the North Tower, 16 people lived amid the avalanche of concrete and steel. Two years later, why don't they feel lucky?

How 9/11 Changed Us

Some decided to have children. Others started charities, or joined the Army or the CIA. And those who lost family, friends or co-workers are living with an emptiness that may never be filled in. New Yorkers' stories, in their own words.

Photo Galleries

Twin Towers: 1973-2001

The history of the World Trade Center in photos.

Days of Terror

Twenty one images we couldn't escape.

Aftershocks: NYC Since 9/11

Portraits of grief, courage, and resilience.

A New WTC: Your Designs

New York Magazine readers share their visions.

September 11, 2002

Anniversary tributes at ground ero and elsewhere.


One Year Later

How do you remember that day? New York Magazine looks back.

The Widows: 4 Stories of Grief & Rebuilding

The one-year mark brings fresh grief — and a realization that they've somehow figured out how to carry on.

The Site: 7 Architects Offer Bold Visions

What do you think about the designs from these eminent architects?

The Media: Did Everything Really Change?

For people, it did. For others, no. Just ask the agents and distributors and other media types who determine the relative value of 9/11 product.

Our 9/11 Survey

How do you remember that day? More than 1500 New York Magazine readers told us.

The Mayor: Why Rudy Giuliani Can't Let Go

He's "the hottest political property" in the country. The question isn't whether he'll run again — but how far he can go.

The Awful Numbers

Death, destruction, charity, salvation, war, money, real estate, spouses, babies, and other September 11 statistics.

The Families: Showdown at Ground Zero

Their moral authority and media sophistication — not to speak of their anger — have made them crucial players in the future of downtown.

Events and Tributes

A guide to official ceremonies, charity events, and concerts to commemorate September 11.

Top 5 Books

Selected from the remarkable number of 9/11-related books timed to the anniversary.

July 2002

Shrinking Feeling

On couches across town, patients are worried about the 9/11 anniversary — and to make matters worse, here comes August.

Social Anxiety

Across the city, publicists and party promoters are nervously debating how to plan non-9/11 events around September 11.

Big Zero

The proposals for the Twin Towers site dishonor the dead — and the living.

Try to Remember

How to honor the dead at ground zero? Taking a stand for greatness rather than size, the current mayor makes more sense than his predecessor.

June 2002

Broadway Bomb

As the immediacy of 9/11 fades, New Yorkers learn to live with terror.

Homeland Security

All visitors must be announced — not to mention interrogated and frisked. New York's doormen are being drafted for the war on terror.

March 2002: Six Months Later

The Pain of Heroes

The FDNY's struggles with budget cuts, union leaders, intrusive tourists, and health and emotional problems.

The Long Goodbye

15 New Yorkers — daughters, doctors, widows, friends — talk about their changed lives.

The City's Psychic Wound

If you're feeling worse now than you did last fall, you're not alone

Horror Shows

How the cuture industry is grappling with September 11.

Battery Park City: Out of the Ashes

Despite deep rent discounts and government grants drawing a new generation of tenants, there are still almost 2,000 apartments available.

Tribeca: The View from Down There

Downtown life in the glamorous nexus of art and commerce is slowly returning to normal — and so are loft prices.

The Odious Meter

What's your threshold for tolerance? These four responses to the tragedy test it. See what you think.

February 2002

Bill Rudin: City Father's Son

After Lew Rudin's death, Bill is left to run the family empire with his uncle Jack and to help rebuild New York again.

The Public Health

As scores of scientists conduct post-9/11 studies, the city is becoming one big laboratory.

January 2002

Don't Give Up

Is it really necessary to abandon the vices that have helped you get through these hard times? Probably.

Calling All Psychics

Federal officials are calling upon them again to help identify perpetrators of the attacks and to pinpoint future terrorist targets.

December 2001

Howard Lutnick's Second Life

Cantor Fitzgerald's notoriously hard-edged CEO promised to take care of the families of his 657 dead employees. Did he?

O'Neill versus Osama

When the FBI's top expert on Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, died it became clear: His own life contained as many mysteries as his enemy's.

Fighting Words

Our aggressive need to stay informed has expanded our war vocabulary rapidly.

Justice Obstructed

Crime's up in the wake of September 11 — but the courts have slowed way down.

November 2001

Mychal Judge: The Fireman's Friar

The death of beloved New York Fire Department chaplain was not as extraordinary as his colorful and iconoclastic life.

Kofi Annan

The U.N. Secretary General's job is the only that may be tougher than the mayor's.

Gathering to Remember

Whatever is built to replace the World Trade Centers should aim to capture the violence and loss of that day.

Stopping Spin Laden

Can a Madison Avenue advertising vet win the hearts and minds of the Muslim world?

The Power of Partnership

The New York City Partnership, an alliance of A-list business leaders, is coming together to lead the counterattack.

Will it Play in Kabul

Hollywood entering the fray? Will we soon have Musharraf in the Middle? What Afghan Women Want?

Bar None

Could the velvet rope finally be coming down?

Fixing the Whole

Honoring the Trade Center dead, while thinking boldly about making all of downtown a newly vibrant place for the living.

A Bend in His Theory

Nobel Prize winning author V. S. Naipaul talks to the Manhattan Institute.

Who's Checking Your Bags?

Just how easily could explosives end up onboard?

October 2001

Richard Sheirer: Man Behind the Mayor

How the director of the Office of Emergency Management became the unsung hero of the hot zone.

The Kids They Left Behind

The city has mourned the victims of the attack — but there are as many as 10,000 other victims who, now and for years to come, will need attention: their children.

Exit Strategies

Buying a parachute or a gas mask might seem paranoid — but some folks aren't taking any chances.

Should We Stay or Go?

Urban warriors thought they'd seen it all. But will gas masks and barricades finally make us surrender?

The Odeon Rebounds

Lynn Wagenknecht, owner of the Odeon, talks about the Tribeca institution regaining its footing.

17 Ways to Help NYC

Three-star rations, go dancing, stay home for the holidays...

Facing Kids' Fears

We want to make them feel safe — but we also want to tell them the truth.

Post-Crash Depression: The Crash After the Crash

Still painfully present in as the smoke that rises from ground zero. Is this a stage? Or our new reality?

Finding Our Religion: Deliver us from Evil

Many New Yorkers are asking themselves — some for the first time — what they really believe.

A Baby Boomlet

Since September 11, biological clocks all over town seem to be speeding up. Are we on the verge of a baby boomlet?

Volunteers Suffering for the Cause

The lucky ones end up shaving lard off oblong hunks of raw beef with a blade as blunt as a butter knife.

Hearts on Fire

Everyone wants to land the most desirable sex symbol: firemen.

Kitsch Appeal: The Business of Memorializing

Profiting from World Trade Center memorabilia.

Our New War Culture

The attack on the Twin Towers set the world in chaotic motion. Below, a target assessment of the new cultural map.

Fit for Duty

Getting in shape provides stress relief in the same way buying a gas mask might.

Carpool Mates

Mass transit or make a new friend?

Nothing to Smile About

Dentists are being asked to pull the records of patients, to help identify remains.

Truths about New York

What kind of rubble did the planes create when they pierced New Yorkers' collective consciousness?

Ashleigh Banfield

As the Twin Towers collapsed, she choked on dust, helped a New York cop to safety, and lived to tell the tale during a string of eighteen-hour days.

Anxiety in the Empire State Building

Many employees are questioning whether to spend five days a week in a prime terrorist target.

The End of the Post?

Conditions in media in New York have obviously changed since September 11 — and the biggest story going doesn't fit the Post's manpower resources or its sensibility.

The Air Down There

September 11th brought an additional fear to residents living below Canal Street—it's the air they breathe.

Will Tribeca Recover? Down the Frozen Zone

Even in the seventies, TriBeCa living was never this tough.

Her War at Home

After seeing the Taliban up close, a young Afghan American looks to the future with fear — and hope.

What Troubles Our Sleep

In our dreams the event is still happening — and it's possible that it will always be happening.

Preparing for the Unthinkable

Would hospitals be able to respond to a bioterrorist attack?

Doctor's Dilemnas

Panicked patients invaded virtually every doctor's office in Manhattan. Are Cipro prescriptions the right way to treat them?

A Cure for What Doesn't Ail You?

It seems that terrorism has accomplished what years of therapy and mounting doctors' bills could not: a cure.

News Blitz

The media are too self-obsessed? Well, then how are we supposed to cover a story where we're the targets?

Our Man in Islamabad

Harboring hostile feelings toward America?

Feeling his Pain

Being on the sidelines has become perhaps the toughest challenge of Clinton's career?

Conspicuous Camouflage

Now that Humvees tear past Pastis, everyone who indulged in Dior camo couture is wondering: Is it still all right to wear this stuff?

The Circles of Loss

The World Trade Center tragedy united the city, but it has divided us, too — into those who've lost family and friends, and those who only watched.

The Talking Cure

Loss, grief, anger, war, God, America the beautiful, and good old Downtown weirdness by the light of a million candles.

Firefighters: Braving the Heat

How they manage to carry on even after losing their co-workers, family, and friends.

Doctor Love

Just when your grandmother finally stopped nagging you to find a nice doctor, M.D.'s are suddenly hot again.

Gag Humor

What sort of person would find it funny to fake an anthrax attack?

Do Restaurants Need Rescue?

Despite Giuliani's encouragement, New Yorkers still aren't going out to eat.

Pain Management

Conference rooms have been turned into makeshift therapists' offices, with heavy drapes covering the glass walls and guys going in alone or in groups of two or three.

September 2001

Escape from Ground Zero

Alison Summer's ground zero diary.

The Longest Week

New Yorkers reflect on The Day

A Changed City

The land of the living has turned tearful, reverent, apocalyptic, and tentatively jocular.

A Priest and a Prayer

The families of the missing cops look for solace in their silence.

Cantor Fitzgerald's Pain

The scene in the room of the Hotel Pierre was an outpouring of grief for the families of missing Cantor Fitzgerald employees.

The Waking Nightmare

When the city you love and live in becomes a war zone, suddenly nothing seems the same.

Architecture: Before and After the Towers

It is an unfathomable gathering of energy, when 8 million people with 8 million things on their minds suddenly think only one thing.

A Son, A Sibling, A Fiancee

One man's account of personal loss from the devastion on 9/11.

Passing the Buck

When it comes to airport security, everyone's looking for someone to blame.

Permanent Losses

Stock market losses now seem like nothing compared to what's now missing from lower Manhattan.

Rudy Rules

Filling in for Bush, Giuliani is Consoler-in-Chief for New Yorkers and Americans everywhere.

Freedom Lost

In the wake of tragedy, freedom suddenly seems less important to New Yorkers; the focus turns to authority.

Patriot Parties

Celebrating anything is a recipe for guilt. And publicistsand party-planners feel as guilty as anyone.

Loose Lips? Not Now

This tragedy has made professional gossips question the relevance of what they do.

The Sad Sell

Cosmetic companies consider the marketing of popular products whose names suddenly have uncomfortable new meanings.

The Curtains Fall

Empty seats have left Broadway shows without a home.

Fashion Starts Over

Where does fashion fit during a time of tragedy?

For American Jews, the Middle East War Comes Home

How should Jews respond to the layers of issues that affect them as a community without separating themselves from the rest of America?

Mood on the Street

The drive to make money is gone from Wall Street these days.

What We Mean by 'War'

It's the idea that "everything has changed." Now we are different people, and different, harsher, things are required of us.

Choosing Our Enemy

How far will the U.S. go in its campaign against terrorism?

Enemies in the Senate

Helping New York is important for the U.S., but Senators Gramm and Nickles needed extra convincing.

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