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World Trade Center Tragedy

Help for Locating Victims

New York Metro is accepting posting pictures and personal details about missing victims. Please e-mail

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Christopher Clarke

Age - 34
Ht - 5' 9"
Wt - 175
Hair - brown
Eyes - brown
Distinguishing Marks - Birthmark on left calf, scar on right thigh
Wearing - French blue dress shirt, red tie, no cufflinks or wedding band, black Tumi wallet, brown Gucci loafers
Company - Sandler O'Neill- South Tower 2 floor - 104
Contact - 610-525-6319 or

The Clarke family's story

Janet Clarke was leaving her home in Villanova, PA. for her regular Tuesday bible study group when her daughter Tricia called. "Turn on the TV, there's a fire at the World Trade Center." Janet remembers it was 9:10am. Both towers had been hit. "It was horrendous. I called Christopher's wife Casey, who was at work at Credit Suisse-First Boston in downtown Philadelphia. "She couldn't talk."

Casey had already received two phone calls from her husband. The first one arrived at about 8:50am. "We have to get out of here. Papers are flying all over the place." Casey told Christopher to "get out and call me." He called back moments later to say only "It's chaos here. We're all getting out." Casey could hear the fire alarms in the background. That was the last anyone heard from Christopher.

Janet remembers thinking about the beautiful weather on Tuesday. "I can't believe he went into work. He's a golfer. I thought he'd at least be late." Janet says Christopher is among more than 60 missing Sandler O'Neill colleagues working on the trading floor.

Janet moved into New York to make daily visits to Sandler O'Neill's command center set up at the St. Regis Hotel, and to help in the daily checks to city hospitals, searching for her son's name. Christopher's twin bother Tim drove home in 24 hours straight from Dillon Colorado where he had moved last month. Tim told his Mother "he's alive. I know he is. I would know if he wasn't." Janet says Tim's words help her sleep at night so she "can be strong when we find him."
-- Alexander Kippen